BARBWIRE BOB – 5-26-22

Snow arrived, better late than never. Eastern Slope wheat farmers must be ecstatic with wheat prices hovering in the $12 a bushel price range.  Wheat is in short supply with India halting wheat exports and Ukraine’s wheat off the market.  Russian wheat is not welcome in many markets, so wheat, corn, and soybeans are at record breaking prices.  The snowstorm that was widespread across the plains is a blessing to Colorado farmers. The snow also has reduced the fire danger at least for a few weeks.


Congratulations to John Elway car ambassador on South Broadway, E. J. Guanella, who has been selling cars in Englewood for over 70 years, starting with Burt Chevrolet and becoming an owner.  E. J.
was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame this past week at the auto dealer’s convention in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Hotel.  You can find E. J. at the auto dealership most days where he holds court with his many friends and customers.  Congratulations to this  fine gentleman who loves the auto industry.  Need a new car, go see E. J. for a good deal.


Attended the Aurora Republican Forum Saturday morning with the snow laden trees and wet snowfall.  Rain, or shine,  the meeting was held regardless of the snowstorm.   Bob Miles does a stellar job of conducting the session, keeping a time clock on speakers. Andi Allott is always at the door collecting the donut fees. The Forum brings candidates from all parts of Arapahoe County to meet and greet Aurora political leaders.  The event is hosted by newly elected Aurora city council member Danielle Jurinsky at her J & J bar & restaurant at Iliff and Chambers.

I was especially attracted to the meeting because of Greenwood Village longtime resident Paul Archer as a featured speaker.  Archer is a Republican candidate for State Legislature District 37. This was Meg Froelich’s former district, but she has moved to a new home in Cherry Hills Village, no longer living in District 37.  I was highly impressed by candidate Archer who is an excellent speaker and very well informed on the issues facing Colorado. He understand water issues, understands taxation reform, public safety and is a strong family man with five children and 20 grandchildren. I had not met him prior to the morning session and found him to be a very formidable candidate, one who I strongly endorse and support.

A second candidate, Stephanie Hancock, is a longtime Aurora resident of 35 years, a U.S. Air Force veteran, small business owner, and president of the Aurora Cultural Arts District, she is seeking election to House District 41.  She is a mother of four and now a youthful grandmother. She’s also an eloquent speaker and states, “My life experiences have taught me that success comes from hard work, accountability, common sense and persistence.” Aurora voters need to support her candidacy strongly.

Colorado voters will be receiving primary election ballots starting in early June for the June 28 primary election. 

We invite all candidates for office in Arapahoe County to send us a press release and photos for their political announcements.  There are some spirited primary election races to be decided on the June 28 election. Winners of this election move on to the general election representing their political party.


Had a call from Steve Tucker to set up a luncheon. Steve was the developer who wanted to build a luxury hotel and golf course on the Buell property over 40 years ago on the corner of Hampden and University Boulevard.  The city eventually shot down his proposal, but it was a fine idea at the time.

It was this development that spurred the rise of The Villager newspaper to keep the citizens of Cherry Hills Village well informed.

We still have that same mission today, to keep residents abreast of local governmental transparency. Newspapers are the only media that consistently keeps track of government at the local level and inform voters about candidates for office.  


A reminder that the historic Central City Opera will celebrate 90 years of Opera in famed Central City; “The richest square mile on earth,” with world-class performances commencing June 2-July 31. Tickets and information at


Marina Square is shutting down at the end of June scraping the site making room for a new high-rise luxury apartment building and main level retail with the project underway by fall.  The complex is  under the City of Denver control. Lessees are seeking and finding new locations for their businesses.

Watch for announcements on new locations and opening dates.


It’s time to saddle up for the Western Conservative Summit with the event headed to the exciting new Gaylord Rockies Resort June 3-4.  The event advances faith, family, and freedom founded by U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong who started the event while president of Colorado Christian University.  One of the main  headliners will be former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now a candidate for governor of Arkansas.  She will be joined by her successor Kayleigh McEnany, former press secretary for President Trump.  Tickets: