Thank You Arlene Mohler Johnson

Arlene Mohler Johnson points out her name carved in stone as a proud donor to the University of Colorado Ovarian Cancer program at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Photos by Bob Sweeney

One of the great pleasures of publishing this newspaper for 42 years in the same communities is that we meet a variety of people and make many friends.  At the top of the special list is Arlene Mohler Johnson, one of the grand dames of Cherry Hills Village.  My, does she knows how to throw a party!

Arlene has a wonderful personality with a very warm heart and is a caring person, which explains her hundreds of friends.  We featured her generosity in The Villager on Jan. 4, 2024 from an event that Gerri and Scottie Iverson and I attended as invited guests.  We gathered with Arlene and her family, many guests, friends, patrons, and doctors for the Grand Opening of the Ovarian Cancer Innovation Group in the newly opened Anschutz Health Sciences Building on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Dec.18, 2023.  Arlene gave a major gift to the Ovarian Cancer Group and beautiful new structure housing Gynecologic Oncology that will combat and seek a cure for ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer claims the lives of over 14,000 women in the U.S. annually.  The massive new building features an atrium sponsored by former CU President and First Lady, Bruce and Marcy Benson.  Many civic leaders, philanthropists, and foundations have supported the CU Anschutz Campus for the last two decades. The campus is now world-class in all health sciences. The first new building on campus was the Rocky Mountain Lion Eye Institute.

A proud Arlene with family members Seth Mohler, Stan Mohler, Arlene Mohler Johnson, Scott Mohler, Mark Johnson and Jim Johnson.

Arlene’s name is enshrined on the first-floor atrium stone wall for her generous gift as a “grateful patient” for the Ovarian Cancer program.  Information: 303-724-2066.

It was a memorial event with Arlene and her family, along with CU medical professionals, welcoming the attendees and thanking donors for their support of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology Group.

As the evening waned, and Gerri and I were among the last attendees leaving the impressive structure, I passed a cleaning lady arriving to work in the lobby to mop the shining marble floors and clean the party aftermath.  It suddenly struck me that there are many diverse, essential professions that are needed to make a hospital, like this one, run smoothly.

Kian Behbakht prepares for the late night cleaning of the Atrium at the Anschutz Health Science building following the grand opening of the Ovarian Cancer Innovations Group, located in Aurora.

I took a picture of Kian Behbakht (Left) beginning her shift, as she prepared to care for of the beautiful new structure. Kian may, or may not ever see this photo, but we need to extend a grateful and respectful thank you to the many workers that we seldom see on news pages, but who’s services are essential to making everything shine.  Thank you, Kian!