BARBWIRE BOB – 2-22-24

My election ballot arrived in the mail last week for the presidential primary election. I will cast my primary ballot this week for my choice realizing that no presidential candidate should be removed by a state court. The Supreme Court will soon rule on whether state courts can remove presidential candidates, rather than voters. If state courts can remove federal candidates, that would be the end of our Republic of people choosing our leaders to govern rather than by appointed judges. This impacts the future of presidential elections and democracy of citizens voting for leadership with lawsuits brought by political motivated partisans. The decision should be unanimous from the Supreme Court that voters, not state courts, should make the final decision on all candidates, regardless of political party affiliation. 

Former President Donald Trump is his own worst enemy with his rhetoric. If he would stick to policy issues, instead of name calling, he probably would still be in the White House. What I’ve always liked about Trump is his ability to get hard tasks accomplished. His business experience paid off for American trade and he was able to extract billions from the Chinese and Mexican governments in tariffs. He was also able to force NATO allies to pay more for their own continent defense with America footing most of the bills for the Ukrainian defense while allies lagged far behind. He states, and I tend to believe what he says, that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if he was still in office. Likewise, China would not be threatening Taiwan as they sense weakness in American foreign policy under President Biden. And for sure, the border crisis, with millions of migrants pouring into the United States, would not be occurring. Trump was a strong friend to Israel during his term in office.

American security has been breached and we can expect more terrorism and crime to spread across America and to our cities and suburbs. It is a very sad time for law and order in America.

Colorado is now a major blue state and my vote for Trump is only symbolic that he will be the Colorado candidate. I liked all three of the major candidates, but Trump appears to be the Republican choice. It is still uncertain who will carry the final Democrat ballot, but I believe that President Biden will be the candidate, if physically able to run. He is still popular with many Democrat voters, and in Colorado with two Democrat Senators and a Governor, has poured billions of dollars into this state. Colorado has certainly received our share of the gravy train, including the military Space Force taken back from Alabama. Good work by our Washington delegation.

I note that the State Legislature is moving a bill to ban gasoline engine usage on state lands and will only allow electric equipment to operate on state property. I hope they can find some charging stations somewhere out in our vast state lands and parks.

An old joke goes that a tourist was driving by a beautiful farm with exquisite fields and stopped to visit with a farmer on his tractor. “You have a beautiful place here and you are so fortunate to have this fine property, God has been very good to you,” the tourist said. The farmer replied, “Well, you should have seen this place before I arrived when God owned it by himself.”

Most of the election interest in Colorado will focus on the Congressional Districts with at least three Congressional seats seeking new leadership. The drama will extend to both the Eastern Slope and Western Slope with incumbent Rep. Boebert moving to Eastern Colorado to run for retiring Ken Buck’s seat. 

In Arapahoe County Jason Crow is a shoo-in for re-election, along with Diana DeGette in Denver. They both have seniority, working hard for their constituents, and will easily be re-elected. 

Republicans should concentrate on re-electing incumbent Jeff Baker as the sole Republican County Commissioner on the five-member board. George Brauchler is returning to politics, seeking to be elected District Attorney in the newly formed Arapahoe County 23rd Judicial District. He has stepped down from his stint as a radio talk show host on radio KNUS-710, where he was well received. Radio talk show host Jimmy Sengenberger also departed from KNUS with his last broadcast this past Saturday morning, being replaced by longtime KNUS host Peter Boyles. 

The current 18th Judicial District Attorney John Kellner is not seeking re-election and is still active as a high-ranking officer in the Marine Corp Reserves. He lost his prior bid seeking higher office as the State Attorney General in the last election cycle.

Political party caucuses are on tap in early March and our award-winning governmental reporter Freda Miklin will be following both party races and events with her weekly Villager “Follow Freda” political coverage. 

I’m going to be writing more about early day western history and my days growing up where John Rolfe Burroughs’ book was entitled, “Where the Old West Stayed Young.” My family homesteaded in that area way back in 1885 and I have many real-life experiences to relate on ranch life before electricity, telephones, and television.

All, in all, we have some exciting news coming your way so stay tuned to The Villager to be well-informed on our democracy. We’re on our 43rd year serving Arapahoe County and the only locally owned independent family newspaper left in the County. Subscriptions are $75 a year. Call 303-773-8313 to order your subscription or mail your check to 22095 E. Chestnut Pl., Aurora, CO. 80016. 

Some of my Democrat friends tell me that they like to read The Villager to find out what the Republicans are doing. We have been covering our state and county leadership, regardless of political affiliations, for many years. We just want good transparent government and well-informed voters. We do welcome your letters, emails, and input.

The printed word will last forever.