BARBWIRE BOB – 2-15-24

I thought the Super Bowl started out rather slow in the first half, but it ended up with a Las Vegas jackpot finish. Wow, the line favored San Francisco by a final point and a half, so the Kansas City Chiefs took the trophy and the wager money back home to Kansas City for another year.

It was a great day for Taylor Swift and beau Travis Kelce, who helped save the day for the Chiefs as the game tightened up at the end. He was exuberant at the award ceremony shouting, “Viva Las Vegas”, and helped win it all along with some very welcome kisses. The world watched and it was a fantastic Super Bowl for some.

No doubt, it was heartbreaking for the 49ers and Cherry Creek high school alum Kyle Shanahan. He kept his cool and pride intact. His star Valor alum running back Christian McCaffrey gave it all he had, but it wasn’t quite enough as the Chiefs held him to one touchdown. 

All the 49ers had to do was stop that last drive by the Chiefs to win the game. Alas, it was not to be, and QB Mahomes proved his stellar abilities breathtakingly making first downs and a final touchdown with three seconds left in the game. What a finish! 

I remember what my daughter Susan told me when the Broncos would lose while she still lived in Dallas working for a New York advertising company. “Dad, it’s okay, to lose once in awhile and let another team win for a change.” It made me feel better, but losing is still the pits and if you noticed, only the winners remained on the field for the trophy presentation. And there was legendary winner John Elway participating in the award presentations. Hurrah for John!

Coach Lombardi had it right when he said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”