I sometimes chuckle about newcomers understanding our Colorado weather.  We go from late summer to winter, in less than a week. Sometimes more severe… like what we just experienced where the sprinklers had better be blown out and drained and the water in the car radiator hopefully filled with anti-freeze, good to -20 below. The quick change in temperature also effects our highways with expansion, and contraction, that creates the potholes that damage our highways. When traveling on U.S. 70 westbound you drive over the expansion ridges that are engineered to handle physics in cold weather.


A few years ago famed American Furniture wizard and outstanding citizen Jake Jabs penned a column suggesting that road crews be paid by the number of potholes they filled.  I thought that was a very good idea and I would wager that there would be fewer holes in our roadways.  Paying for performance is always good in any business or profession. 

As we approach the school election Nov. 7, rewarding  outstanding teachers with larger paychecks is always a good concept.

My take on school board elections is not about political parties, but experience in the trenches, serving on committees, attending sometimes tedious school board meetings, and being involved with school activities, with, or without, children in school.

I’m going to base my vote on school participation to be elected to the ultimate governing school board with some knowledge and experience, not just hearsay and gossip.

It is hard to satisfy every parent and family on special needs and I believe that our local school boards perform well, guided by volunteers.  It is sometimes a thankless job filled with criticism and back seat driving.

I sincerely believe that mandatory public education is one of the great success stories in American history.  


We’re giving a special salute to Dino G. Maniatis in The Villager this week over his recently book published about the history of Cherry Hills Village.  The book has preserved wonderful photographs of Cherry Hills  and this history is now preserved forever by the hard work and dedication of  this Cherry Hills resident.  Thank you to Dino for this great contribution to local history and a powerful city that is exemplary in planning and zoning with the result of being one of the best cities in America.  Walter A. “Buz” Koelbel Jr. also takes part in the book with a great forward description of the history of his hometown’s historic development. Check the story on Dino to see how to buy his book.


And how can I not comment on the success of our Broncos? Finally, there is a football God that has smiled on our football team.