BARBWIRE BOB – 1-19-23

My family, Gerri, daughter Susan, and myself, were invited to the swearing in ceremony for the new Arapahoe County elected officials last week at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds.  What a splendid facility, spacious inside, several hundred white chairs for invited guests, and trays of refreshments for dinnertime guests.


Outgoing County Commissioner from Aurora Nancy Jackson was the MC and was saluted several times during the evening for her long-standing service to the county along with term limited Nancy Sharpe.  Both ladies were given accolades for their long-standing service completing term limit positions as County Commissioners.

Their work is not complete; both ladies have been appointed to the newly formed  Arapahoe County Health Department board resuming the task of  the now defunct Tri-County Health Department.

The event was a well-organized installation of incumbents and new office holders.  Seven newly elected officials will resume the duties of operating budgets, law enforcement, taxation, and appraisal duties in the various offices.  All seven elected officials are members of the Arapahoe County Democrat Party. (See photos and narrative on pages 6 and 7 in this newspaper edition.)

Colorado has indeed turned into a blue state with Democrat Governor Polis, two Democrat United States Senators, Bennet and Hickenlooper, and local Congressman Jason Crowe.  

The audience was jovial, diverse, and proud of the accomplishments of the candidates elected to office.  Candidates all related in short speeches how hard they campaigned, assisted by friends, spouses, family members and volunteers. They all walked many miles and knocked on many doors collecting dollars and votes.

Obviously, Arapahoe County Republicans took a hit, with every county position now in control by the Democratic party, along with every official in State government from Gov. Polis on down.

While rural Western Colorado and Eastern Colorado retained two Republican U.S. Representatives, Lauren Boebert and Ken Buck,  Democrats picked up an additional seat in Colorado’s new Congressional District.

Democrats just outnumber Republicans in Colorado and the GOP didn’t capture the middle ground of unaffiliated voters, as predicted.

There is much work to be accomplished and we congratulate the newly elected officials and wish them success serving all the taxpayers and citizens of Arapahoe County and the State of Colorado.