BANK NOTE – There is some persistent mind-set that thrives on chaos

There is some persistent mind-set that thrives on chaos. The author (Andy Kessler) of this WSJ article “America’s ‘Chinatown’ Politics” does a remarkably commendable job bringing order to the chaos. His conclusions are correct. Their agenda is obvious, now: 

Create chaos, allow lawlessness, destroy private enterprise, create an endless stream of bigger-than-you crises to tear down our belief system, our moral and ethical life style and sow disorder. To what end? Control.

It is curious that the forces of control and tyranny use our own government to coerce all citizens into compliance. In order to use the power of government, they must sow discord and chaos. This disorder gnaws at our conscious and rational mind, it resides in the periphery for decades. The final step is to reveal its evil intent. That intent, for reasons unknown by rational people, is to control the masses.

If the study of history tells us anything, it is that these forces have lived for ages; since mankind first was given the knowledge of good and evil. That at times of greatest disorder and disruption, they come out of the darkness and promote their falsehoods openly. We live in such a time, again. Rampant anti-semitism is the first sign of this evil emerging from the abyss.

We are confused only because we refuse to admit the truth: There are people who crave power above all else, even above salvation of their soul. We who believe in the individual, don’t have such cravings, we believe that each soul is sacred and each individual has the right to choose, not be coerced.

The individual can only survive under the framework of the Rule of Law. In America the rule of law is our Constitution. And the Constitution’s entire writ is directed at controlling the government, not the governed.  

So, the first step in restoring order is to understand the meaning of the Constitution. The second is to demand that our politicians adhere to its rule. The third is believe in your own internal compass, you know right from wrong, good from evil. 

The fourth step is to protect the individual, including yourself at all times. Adhere to the ancient and well-proven knowledge of the ages, whether religious or philosophical. This is not the first time mankind has been challenged. It’s just the first time we’ve been challenged…we have the roadmap, we are on the path.

Jay Davidson is founder and CEO of a commercial bank. He is a student of the Austrian School of Economics and a dedicated capitalist. He believes there is a direct connection between individual right and responsibility, our Constitution, Capitalism, and the intent of our Creator.