Arlene Olvey celebrates her 101st birthday

Arlene Olvey turned 101 on January 25! Arlene’s good friends celebrated her remarkable life with a “101 Dalmatians” party given by volunteers at La Cache (consignment/donation shop that supports the Colorado Children’s Hospital.)Arlene volunteered weekly at La Cache for over 40 years and is the favored helper among the regular customers.

Not many people attain that kind of longevity. Arlene contributes her longevity to good genes, hard work plus lots of experience. 

When interviewed by The Villager about her remarkable life, she attributed it to the many changes she experienced from growing up on a Colorado ranch to 44 years of volunteer work for Children’s Hospital.  Arlene grew up on a Colorado ranch with her four siblings. They rode to school on horseback until the 8th grade, when they stayed in town for school, returning home for weekends.

Other experiences include her marriage to Ralph Olvey in 1946 and then becoming his caregiver after he was diagnosed with MS. She enjoyed her career at the Bureau of Reclamation until it became necessary to become Ralph’s caregiver, retiring after 23 years.