Annual dim sum luncheon filled with fun to benefit Yip Foundation

Since its inception in 2002, the Nathan Yip Foundation has presented unique and memorable events to raise funds for education in honor of Jim and Linda Yip’s only son, Nathan, who lost his life in an automobile accident in 2001.

King’s Land, a popular Chi- nese restaurant in Lakewood, closed to the public to host an incredible dim sum luncheon- fundraiser for the foundation, complete with elaborate décor on a Saturday afternoon.

Centerpieces at each table in the large filled-to-capacity dining room were Lazy Su- sans filled with an abundant variety of delectable home- style dishes to please the most discerning palate.

Denise Gliwa, Connie Fisher, Bert Buckman, Anane Fleming and Harvey Sender

The Yips believe that knowledge and education can end the cycle of poverty.

The Nathan Yip Founda- tion provides educational sup- port for the most underserved including parts of rural Colo- rado. For further information, or 303-817-8400.

By Scottie Iverson