Anne Rowland is new Arapahoe County Republican chair


The Arapahoe County Republican Party Central Committee held its re-organization meeting on February 11 at Hope United Methodist Church in Greenwood Village to elect new county party officers, as well as district chairs for the party’s state senate and representative districts in Arapahoe County. None of the incumbent county officers sought re-election.

With 181 voting central committee members participating in the election, Anne Rowland was selected as county chair with 51% of the votes cast. Anne, who served as Arapahoe County GOP vice-chair for the past three years, hails from Texas, but has lived in Colorado for 30 years. She is an owner of the Jason’s Deli franchise in Colorado. Although she has a B.S. in forestry from Texas A & M, Anne’s real passion is music. She is a singer/songwriter who has released two CDs and toured in Germany. Said the new county party chair, “I’ve met and worked with some really great Republicans who continue to support our candidates under difficult circumstances.”

Ron Redden is the new Arapahoe County GOP vice-chair, also winning with 51% of the vote and also a native Texan. An electrical engineer who has worked on power plants, rocket fuel manufacturing, and refineries, as well as being an airline pilot for 18 years, Ron has lived in Arapahoe County for 33 years. He decided to run for this position because, he said, “My values run deep in conservatism… I know that if we all work together that we can regain our place at the government table combined with a well-thought-out executable strategy that will provide results.”

In the vote for county party secretary, Jean Baugh received a strong majority of 86% of the votes cast. Jean was born in Illinois but has lived in Colorado for the past four decades. The holder of a B.A. in economics with a minor in psychology from the University of Illinois, along with an associate degree in computer science, she spent 33 years with the U.S. Department of Defense in a variety of information technology arenas, and in management. An animal lover, Jean has been a volunteer for dog rescues and horse events since retiring. Jean is “actively engaged with several conservative citizens groups to help spread the word and encourage conservatives to regain their voice and join in efforts to restore and strengthen our Republic.”

County party officers are elected for two-year terms.