An Important Key to Attractive and Healthy Skin!

(Part 1 of 2) [Gone – Acne, Moles, Genital Warts, Burns, Numbness, etc!]

Today is a drop-jaw moment as I am sharing an amazing key to restoring the health of our skin. Please refer to my article, “Better Than Anti-Aging is Age Reversal by Growing New Stem Cells!” Part 1 (03/24/2022, P.17) and Part 2 (03/31/2022, P.3). Why? Because the scientists, who discovered the plant-based stem cell nutrients written about in this article, also developed the skin ointment I am introducing today.

This plant-based ointment was formulated to show on the “outside” (i.e., skin), how the healing processes work “inside” the body when ingesting the above stem cell nutrients, and its benefits to the skin have been truly amazing, as well!!

First, let me explain how the skin becomes unhealthy. The human body uses the liver, kidneys, and colon to remove harmful substances, such as parasites (germs/worms), chemicals, metals, food additives, metabolic by-products (cellular waste), and other toxins, whether ingested or exposed to in our air, water, food, drugs, and environment.

However, when these organs are congested with toxins themselves, they become dysfunctional and the body must use other organs, such as the skin, to remove these harmful substances.

Evidence of this is eruptions on the skin in the forms of acne, moles, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, rashes, warts (including senile, plantar, and genital warts), age-related wrinkles, skin cancers, diabetic sores, swelling (like edema) and other skin-related sores and pigment discolorations – all signs of toxins being routed through layers of skin pores until they reach the surface of the skin. Once at the surface, the toxins oxidize, irritate, and damage the skin. Then over time, these toxins degrade the quality of your skin, causing it to age more rapidly than it would otherwise.

Though I have just explained the most frequent cause of skin eruptions and deterioration, the “internal solutions” to the above-mentioned skin concerns and other causes, like hormone-related acne, will be discussed in Part 2 of this article. In Part 2, I will also explain why skin turns leathery and thick from sun exposure and how to prevent it.

Today, however, I am sharing what you can do now if experiencing any of the above skin eruptions, as well as how to regenerate new healthy skin cells to improve age-related skin and/or maintain the healthy skin you have.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this amazing ointment:
1)10+-year-old, 4–5-inchbuttocks’ rash gone in four weeks,
2) Fatty bumps in the crease of the underbelly gone in 24 hours,
3) Senile warts gone in four weeks, and
4) a cluster of eight Genital herpes warts gone in four days with its pain was gone in two days.

This plant-based ointment is effective for the skin whether the cause is “internal or external,” as is evident by “Before and After” photos, such as… Road Rash down lower left leg gone in seven days; Mole went in 3-4 weeks; approximately 1” x 2” large Blister and Burns on the right hand from boiled water gone in seven days; Very severe Leg burn with black scales healed in 3-4 weeks; Pimple (large, white pus) gone in two days; Leg edema gone in 14 days; and even a horse’s hoof with a horizontal tear, side to side, repaired in two weeks.

Did you wonder why I put “Numbness” in the title even though it is more of a nerve-related, than skin-related, symptom? Here is why: five-week-old numbness that occurred on the left side of the right knee was gone in four weeks using this amazing ointment!

I continue to be awe-struck by the results that just keep coming in from the use of this ointment and I am confident that you will be too.

At, scroll down any webpage to “Contact Dr. Smith” to request the above-mentioned Before/After photos, schedule a Free Telephone Consultation (940) 761-4045 for more information, and order this amazing ointment. Also, posted on the Education Menu are the “Better Than Anti-Aging…” and other articles by Dr. Smith published in The Villager since March 2021.

Dr. Donna F. Smith is the owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Texas, with clients residing in 37 U.S. states and seven international countries. Since opening her business, Dr. Smith has continued to hold a successful track record of over 90% in helping her clients improve and maintain optimal health, and she can help you, too, no matter where you live.

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