A gate and fewer larger lots are proposed for The Crossings in GV


This is the current layout of the development. The proposed re-plat would consolidate the five lots on the north side of the High Line Canal to three and the six on the south side into three. The neighborhood would also be gated.

A preliminary application to re-plat the 31.9 acres comprising The Crossings subdivision in GV, which is zoned R-2.5 (two and one-half acres or more each), has been submitted for review to the City of Greenwood Village. It seeks to reduce the number of lots on the property from 11 to six. The development is on South Jackson Place just west of Colorado Boulevard and south of Belleview. 

The request, submitted by Jim Fitzmorris as vice-president of JR Engineering of Centennial, seeks to “re-plat the existing subdivision,” including “vacation of a majority of S. Jackson Place.” It also seeks to have the street, South Jackson Place, including the at-grade bridge over the High Line Canal, transferred to the ownership of the Harrison Oaks Metropolitan District. The bridge over the HLC and the roadway are presently public property owned by the City of Greenwood Village. The new plan also intends that the southerly portion of the road “be vacated and made part of the adjacent lots.” 

The proposed new site layout contains a total of six lots, three on the north side of the High Line Canal (HLC) and three on the south. The sizes of the lots on the north side would be 6.16 acres, 5.62 acres and 3.83 acres. The drawing also shows a proposed new turn around on the north side just off Belleview and a new gate (there is no gate presently) just beyond the turnaround. 

The sizes of the three lots on the south side of the HLC would be 7.08 acres, 5.14 acres and 3.2 acres. According to the drawing, Jackson Place would end just south of the bridge over the HLC trail, thus access to the three new large lots would likely be via long driveways beginning at that point. 

The proposal is presently being reviewed by GV community development staff. Any re-platting will require the approval of the GV City Council.