5 stages to health or disease

There are five stages the body goes through to develop any disease.  When you understand these stages, you have the opportunity to correct their causes and restore Health. 

When a medical interpretation of your Laboratory Reports indicates your test results are normal, this does not mean you are Healthy.  This is evident by people suffering with symptoms, who still have normal medical test results.  

A Medical interpretation of Laboratory Reports identifies disease and life-threatening states, it does not identify the state of Health.  To truly be healthy, your test results must be in Homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the condition of optimal function.   Optimal function means within each organ, gland and body system, there is: 1) Nutrient Sufficient Cells, 3) Balanced Biochemistry, and 3) Minimal Toxicity because its detoxification processes are functional and routinely removing germs, toxins and waste.  Thus, it is being in Homeostasis that defines Health, not being Symptom Free or Disease Free. 

A Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Laboratory Reports identifies whether you are truly Healthy (Stage 1-Homeostasis).  It will also identify which one or more of the Stages (2, 3, & 4) you are in that indicates you are currently progressing towards the development of one or more Disease (Stage 5).       

Then correcting Stages 2-4 through Clinical Nutrition Therapy gives you the opportunity to actually reverse your current disease process and return to Homeostasis (True Health), i.e., to optimally restore your Health and prevent the disease from fully manifesting.   This is the true definition of preventive health care. 

The FIVE STAGES FROM HEALTH TO DISEASE (and vice versa), along with the primary PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXPERIENCES a person may have in each Stage, are:  

STAGE 1 – TRUE HEALTH (HOMEOSTASIS).  EXPERIENCE:  Fit, Energetic, Wellness, and Mentally Alert. 

STAGE 2 – CELLULAR AND TISSUE NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES / EXCESSES AND TOXICITY.  There are two EXPERIENCE PHASES within STAGE 2:  PHASE 1 – Asymptomatic, i.e., STAGE 2 has not been present long enough within the body to produce symptoms, and PHASE 2 – Declining Energy, Infrequent Mild Pain, Hormone Irregularities, Mild Allergies, Mental Fatigue, etc. 

STAGE 3 – BIOCHEMICAL IMBALANCES (Electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, neuro-transmitter imbalances, etc.).  EXPERIENCE:  Ongoing Tiredness not satisfied by rest or reduced activity, Infrequent Moderate Pain, Hormone Imbalance, Persistent Allergies / Sensitivities, Absent-Minded, etc. 

STAGE 4 – ORGAN, GLAND AND BODY SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION, such as Gall Stones, Incontinent Bladder, Irregular Heartbeats, i.e., any area of the body showing signs of not being in optimal function, yet no medical cause can be found.  EXPERIENCE:  Fatigue, Frequent Severe Pain, Frequent Allergy Attacks, Male / Female System Dysfunction, Mental Dysfunction, such as Mood Swings, Short-Term Memory Loss, Anxiety, Depression, etc.

STAGE 5 – DISEASE.  The Disease Stage (#5) is identifiable by a medical interpretation of Laboratory Reports and/or other tests.  Why?  Because long-term Stages 2-4 have now reached their most severe clinical stage.  EXPERIENCE:  Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Chronic Allergies / Asthma, Cancers, Tumors, Fibroids, Cysts, Mental Illnesses, etc.  There are two PHASES within STAGE 5.  

PHASE 1 Health Restoration is still possible by correcting the causes (Stages 2-4), which are identified through a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of your Lab Reports.  Therapeutic Whole Food Supplements provides the nutrients the body can use to regenerate (grow new healthy) cells and tissue to replace malnourished, damaged, decaying and dead cells and tissue (aka disease).   

PHASE 2 – The affected area of the body has cellular and/or tissue damage that cannot be repaired.   However, when part, but not all, of an organ, gland and body system is damaged, once you correct the causes in Stages 2 to 4, there is a greater potential for the undamaged area and its symptoms to improve.  In these cases, therapeutic supplementation may be required indefinitely to continue to nourish the undamaged area and thus slow down and/or prevent further deterioration. 

NUTRITION FACT #9:   Other than causes by injury or heredity, all other causes of Disease (Stage 5) are the result of long-term Stages 2, 3, and 4 occurring in the organ, gland or body system experiencing these stages. 

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Dr. Donna Smith holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition, is a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), a Canadian-Chartered Herbalist (C.H.) and owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Texas.  

Information for Nutritional and Bioenergetic Education only and not for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or disease.