2024 Toyota Tundra is King of the road

The Toyota Tundra is a lot of steel, designed, engineered, and assembled in San Antonio, Texas.  The attractive “Terra” paint with a black interior is striking in appearance.  The four-door truck is a super-star vehicle for those wishing to drive a combo EV and twin-turbo truck that generates 437 horsepower with a 10-speed sequential shift.  This is the “King” of the road.

Along with the powerhouse V6 engine and electric generator the Tundra manages a 19-mpg fuel consumption average.  Multiple drive modes accommodate towing, multi-terrain challenges and crawl control.  I spent most of my week’s drive in the “Eco” mode with acceleration to spare.  The Tundra has an acceleration growl from the twin-exhausts that is pleasing to hear for truck avocadoes.

This is a large truck and takes some skill in city driving, especially parking, and the Tundra needs space to turn with a long radius requirement.  

The best option of driving this truck is just cruising down E-470  attempting to follow the 75-mile speed limit with traffic whizzing by at speeds far beyond the speed limit.  This is like a Texas Longhorn; it wants to run wild. With the power and speed this truck has an exceptional safety rating of five stars.

The cabin is spacious with heated and ventilated bucket seats.  A heated steering wheel was appreciated on these cold mornings.  A panoramic glass roof overlooks the driver’s 8-way power adjustable seat.

Safety is top-drawer with the Toyota Safety Sense System that offers all the latest safety features. I especially like the school zone safety sign alerts.

The truck bed is aluminum reinforced composite with 120V/400W AC power outlet. The truck is equipped with auto-leveling LED headlights.  A Toyota LED light grill adorns the attractive truck.

This is a complete package for those seeking an all-around powerful truck loaded with the latest navigation, and 14-inch audio visual screen controlling truck apps.   The truck comes complete with a manufacturer’s suggested list price of $72,445. 

The longer I drove this truck the more I appreciated the many safety and driving features.  There is something to be said about driving a large, powerful, safe vehicle on today’s busy highways.