2024 Toyota Tacoma has many truck fans

This 2024 shiny “Blue Crush” metallic paint Toyota Tacoma was the vehicle of the week and attracted considerable attention from parking lot pickup fans. They called the Tacoma a “cult” vehicle that they all loved and admired. And there is a lot to be admired about this 2.4L four-cylinder turbo-charged truck.

Final assembly in Guanajuato, Mexico the auto workers put together an easy to enjoy excellent 4×4 double-cab truck with a TRD/ off road package. With the crew cab the Tacoma can haul five passengers with a smaller truck bed with side storage space. The truck rides on 17” machined alloy wheels and is lofty to climb on board to reach nifty heated and ventilated bucket seats.  

A push button start launches the drive with a growl from the finely tuned turbo-engine. It is amazing how much power and acceleration can be produced from a 4-cylinder engine linked to an eight-speed transmission. This truck can ramble down the road at ease with three drive mode choices, sport, normal, and eco. I started with the sport but found that the eco mode had power to spare… so why burn extra fuel averaging 21 mpg overall.

While a fair-sized unit, the truck handled like a smaller vehicle, easy to drive, turn, park, and cruise down the freeway. I notice with trucks they just get more respect on the highway.

The power seats were easy to adjust, large outside mirrors, and a very good sound system. This Tacoma was equipped with a TRD optional package with JBL sound system, leather trimmed seats and steering wheel, and a selection of off-road features earning the TRD title, but the extra package increases the suggested manufacturers retail price of $42,900, up to $54,829. 

The Tacoma comes with a full slate of safety features earning the highest Toyota Safety Sense rating a 3.0. Along with all the latest safety equipment the drive is enhanced with a super-strong suspension system of coil spring multi-link front shocks and fine-tuned offroad Bilstein rear suspension shocks.

At the end of the week, I was really impressed with the Tacoma and with the ease, comfort, and turbo-performance. It gives a sense of safety and security on the highway and just seems to be a safer, powerful, versatile vehicle to drive and enjoy.