2024 Toyota 4RUNNER keeps owners happy

The bottom line,  if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  The Toyota 4RUNNER has been a stellar star 4×4 all-wheel drive for decades.  Well-built with plenty of Japanese steel in Tahara, Aichi, Japan it is one of Toyota’s oldest and best-selling SUVs.

Larger in size and tradition, the 4RUNNER has a 4.0L-V6 engine supported by a five-speed automatic transmission.  Fuel economy for the larger engine averages 19 mpg.   The vehicle rides on 17” “Pro matte black alloy wheels with nitro terra grappler tires.  Strong and sturdy, a package made for the outdoors and Colorado recreation and work challenges.

The profile is rugged in appearance, with a black roof rack for hauling camping or recreation equipment with “Terra” paint that is an off-orange color blend. The trunk is massive with a canvas cord to pull down the heavy tail gate, no auto-close feature.  Full line of Toyota Safety Sense packages that includes so many valuable safety features.  So important in today’s driving environment.

Friends of mine own a 4RUNNER and report, “This is the best vehicle that we have every owned.”  The popularity and dependability are widespread with many of these models on the roads.

My own driving experience has been interesting.  I’ve driven many turbo-powered vehicles that have a real burst of power.  The 4RUNNER is driven by a traditional V6 engine that provides 270 horsepower.  This is a large vehicle and it is fast, but labors going uphill at times.  But, in discussing the vehicle with other drivers they tell me, “I have to shift a lot, using the five-speed transmission.” That is exactly what I encountered in mountain drives where I shifted often into fourth gear on steeper stretches of the highway to keep up with fast moving traffic;  and I mean fast moving traffic.  Motorists are driving way too fast.  Last week U.S.70 near Morrison was closed for six hours with a vehicle striking a fuel truck parked on the side of the highway.  One person perished and the highway was closed for six-hours creating a massive traffic jam. One reason for the higher speeds is the increased horsepower and the turbo options that can make cars and truck easily handle high speeds, well above the posted speed limits.  In fact, it is rare to see cars and trucks at, or below, the speed limits and the highway patrol is hard pressed to handle the massive amount of traffic on our highways.  It is what it is.

The interior is comfortable with large captain seats, with a premium JBL 15 speaker sound system with easy dial and tune knobs,  heated steering wheel and easy to adjust heat and cooling controls.  Outdoor LED fog lights and TRD lettering on the interior headrests were on this all-time classic performer. 

This is a popular vehicle, priced at $56,445 with all options included.  Owners love the 4RUNNERs and rave about them for good reason.