2024 Santa Fe Calligraphy is family friendly

I was having dinner recently at an Indian restaurant with a friend who has an all-electric EV Mustang.  He loves his car and uses it for a daily commute to his business.  However, for any longer trip he has a Buick for road trips.  That about sums up the EV challenge, short range trip, nighty charge, a very efficient package.  However, the best choice for overall transportation, short daily drive, or long-range trips, the combination hybrid system with a 2.5L engine and eight-speed transmission, in my opinion, is a more practical choice. 

I owned a Mustang, once upon a time, and I loved it on the open road.

This week’s drive was a  2024 Santa Fe “Calligraphy”  with the name referring to the specially designed 21” designer alloy wheels.  This model features a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with an 8-speed versatile transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters.  Final assembly for this Santa Fe is Montgomery, Alabama, with a USA engine and Korean transmission.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is loaded with options  included is $50,375.  The only separate options are  “Serenity White Pearl” paint at $475 and carpeted floor mats at $210.

Hyundai goes all-out for safety features and  have engineered some excellent new features, starting with a blind spot view monitor that appears on the speedometer panel when changing traffic lanes.  They also have a red wavy speedometer traffic alert  on vehicle passing in  either lane, and trail gating rear traffic.  Another interesting feature is a speedometer alert if the vehicle notes irregular driving and informs the driver to take a rest.  This can happen when fooling with the many dials and computer controls that are a plethora on the center digital screen.  Kudos to Hyundai for having radio dials for volume and station choices.  Other improvements are rear cross traffic alerts  with side mirror light warnings and sound,  so useful in crowded grocery store parking lots. Overall ,the Santa Fe has all the safety features of forward collision avoidance and lane keeping assist.  No safety ratings yet but should be in the five-star category.

Along with the elaborate safety features, Hyundai has some of the best warranties in the industry with a 5-year, 50,000-mile new vehicle warranty  and 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

The vehicle is spacious with heated and cooled front captain chairs and extended second row passenger seating with leg space and third row 50/50 folding seating with large rear trunk for seat space or cargo.  Exterior has  roof side rails and a dual pane sunroof , and rear power liftgate.

Finally, the drive is powerful and comfortable with two UBS smart phone charging pads conveniently in the center section between the leather trimmed seats, really a smart feature.

Hyundai has expanded the basic Santa Fe from earlier years with many additional features in all areas that has raised the price to a higher level than earlier year models.  This is a smart vehicle with exciting  new safety features and classy interior and seating.

An excellent drive and a well-rounded overall family vehicle.