2024 Lexus RX 450h hybrid has two power options

The new Lexus Hybrid RX 450h is like a fine silk glove outside and inside. The dark interior is impeccable with wood and leather trim,  and the exterior with shimmering “Nori Green Pearl” paint, perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day month.

The RX all-wheel drive arrived several days before the massive snowstorm that blasted the nearby mountains and left deep snow across metro Denver.  I-70 was closed for 17 hours on Thursday with trucks jackknifed on the interstate highway near Georgetown.  If I had to be stranded in a blizzard, I would choose this awesome Lexus model with heated seats and a 2.5L engine to keep me warm along with the hybrid systems for outstanding fuel economy.  This model with both electric and gasoline power has a combined total of 305 horsepower with a continuous variable transmission and paddle shifters. The 4-wheel drive proved useful in backing out of my driveway in deep snow. The driveway had to be shoveled twice from the huge snowstorm.  

I enjoyed driving the Lexus during the early days of the week and acquainting myself with the easy-to-operate 14” touchscreen that controls the vehicle functions.  The safety features were very useful on days with people rushing to grocery stores for storm warning supplies.  So many speeders on the roads and almost impossible to slow the traffic down.  Many front-end collisions from phone usage and following vehicles too close.  That makes the Lexus Safety System so valuable with pre-collision system that protects against forward objects.  Many of the warnings appear on the windshield like school zones and blind spot warnings. Cross traffic and pedestrian warnings very useful and used often in crowded parking lots.

The vehicle is loaded with technical features, charge pads, and is 4G network dependent.  Many controls are operated from the touchscreen, but I especially liked the manual volume radio knob.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $68,730 but this model has a boatload of installed options that boost the price to $76,305.  Almost all the options are desirable like the Mark Levinson premium sound system, triple beam LED headlamps, and a myriad convenience package at $1420 that includes traffic jam warnings, shades of the Georgetown blizzard.

This is an elegant sedan and the hybrid features offer a factory mileage estimate of 83 mpge, with electric only driving range of 37 miles.  The gasoline engine provides an attractive 35 mpg.

You get what you pay for, and this Lexus model is unique in every respect.  The overall appearance is classic elegance.  The drive is as smooth as the silk glove appearance. See if it fits your hands.