2024 GV60 Genesis Is All-Electric Model

Every time I get a new test car I’m pleased to see a Genesis on the delivery schedule. However, I’m very partial to hybrid vehicles that have the smaller backup gasoline engines teamed with the EV battery components. The all electric EVs work well for short distance commuters, but if you plan on any trip exceeding 150 miles it may take a charging station to reach your destination …or make it back home. I’ve learned the hard way that traveling uphill into the mountains with air-conditioning or heating dramatically diminishes the estimated EV mileage. 

Always pleasurable to have a Genesis model arrive for the week’s driving experience. These cars are the top of the line for Hyundai luxury brands manufactured in Ulsan, Korea.

The GV60 arrived this week as the Genesis PGA golf tournament is underway in California. Tiger Woods played the first day but had health issues, dropping out of the tournament. He was driving a Genesis several years ago at the same tournament when he had his Genesis auto accident with safety features of the car saving his life. He’s admirably worked his way back after his very serious injuries and no doubt headed to the Master’s in Augusta in April. 

The GV60 test model is all-electric with an EV estimated range of 235 miles and a home charge time of 7.2 hours, more or less depending upon the charging component. 

What is excellent about EVs is the instant acceleration that is almost breathless compared to slower internal combustion engines that ignite gas in a cylinder to produce horsepower.

Another excellent feature is how smooth they drive, and all the Genesis models have luxury interiors with Nappa leather seating surfaces and aluminum interior trim.

The power source for the GV60 comes from two 160V motors, front and rear with a 77.4 kWh battery. This power-train source has a ten-year/ 100,000-mile warranty.

Outside appearance for this vehicle is more spartan with a compact front-end design rather than the sloping hood design that is so prevalent in today’s car design. This design is perhaps appealing to those desiring to support the movement to all-electric vehicles by 2030 to save the planet; now receiving push-back from the auto industry as EVs are waning in present popularity because of weather challenges, charge times, availability of charging stations, and vehicle purchase pricing. This GV60 has a suggested manufacturer’s price of $69,550.

More attractive features include a visual dash view of rear traffic lanes when signaling lane changes, so helpful to avoid blind spots. A boatload of safety features including all the latest bells and whistles are a major factor in the purchase of new vehicles. 

The Genesis brand offers luxury in comfort and interior styling with heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. 

The power front seats provide 4-way lumbar control and “Ergo” feature for the driver’s seat. The sound system is a Bang and Olufsen premium audio. Many high-tech controls feature stem from the 12.3 center console screen and steering wheel buttons. 

Safety, navigation, technology, and comfort are all captured in this GV60 and the space-age popular Genesis brand.