2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE is outstanding

I’m in love with the Toyota RAV4 “Prime” Hybrid SUV. It is the XSE, all-wheel-drive model, with a 2.5-cylinder engine with EV and HV modes.  The combination produces 302 horsepower with a 120V outlet for battery charging.

I didn’t use the charging cable with 38 mpg with the efficient power train engine and transmission.  Using EV only rates around 94 mpg from Toyota statistic information.  The powertrain is the electronic continuous variable transmission linked to the energy sources of gasoline and battery power. The result is an SUV all-wheel drive with superior performance, instant acceleration, and an assortment of gear choices for mountain drives.

The test model is the top end of the RAV4s with a “Prime” designation because of many luxury features in safety, navigation, and comfort.  Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 includes pro-collision and pedestrian detection, further lane departing alerts and steering assist and road sign alerts. 

Safety features include 8 airbags with the Star Safety System that has the cross-traffic warning alert and blind spot mirror monitor.  The vehicle has not been fully rated for safety but has all the latest safety features.

Along with an exceptional efficient power train, the ride is remarkable with 19” five-spoke alloy wheels.  A JBL speaker sound system with subwoofer adds to the cabin enjoyment with a panoramic moonroof.  The seats are “SoftTech” trimmed, and heated and cooled.   A center console 10.5-inch screen controls the apps and radio controls.  There are four charge stations aboard for smart phone charging.   There is a foot activated power liftgate for the large trunk area.

The RAV4 final assembly is in Obu, Aichi, Japan with superior finish on the interior and exterior of this “Prime” SUV model.  The vehicle is loaded with navigation, safety, instrument clusters, and red-stitched interior designed trim.

Overall, in performance, luxury, a cloudlike soft ride, excellent fuel economy and flexibility; this is an awesome vehicle choice. However, in today competitive auto market you tend to pay for what you get, and the more options installed or added to the vehicle suggested manufacturer’s retail price of this model reached a handsome $49,959 with a lengthy list of desirable options. This is undoubtably the finest RAV4 every produced, but the price has risen with the quality, design, and hybrid performance package.

This is a very fine SUV in all aspects of performance, comfort, safety, design, and just overall an exceptional vehicle.