2023 Toyota Prius has power, economy and performance

I have really enjoyed driving a 2023 Toyota Prius Limited.  This silver bullet has outstanding acceleration and economy. I’ve driven some older Prius vehicles where they got mired in snow easily.  Not this latest model with a 2.0L engine and with hybrid boost netting 192 horsepower linked with a hybrid synergy transmission.  The thrust is impressive and the drive amazing.  

Fuel economy is rated at 52 mpg and I averaged around 49 mpg with some mountain drives.  The only drawback with this model of Prius is lack of all-wheel drive, although there are AWD versions available too.  But, priced at $34,465, Toyota had to make some reductions in manufacturing costs somewhere.  

The Prius has a sleeker, slender body, “Cutting Edge” silver paint, heated front and rear seats, and a boatload of safety features.  All of the Toyota Safety Sense options and cross traffic alert.

I would prefer knobs for station dialing and the Prius has a volume knob, but screen program tuning.  While driving it is dangerous to spend seconds staring at the 12.3-inch multi-media screen to select stations and channels.  A new angle is the slot smart phone charger close to the center console.  

Car rear doors have easy open latches that work so easily. The driver’s seat has eight-way power and lumbar support.  This is a commuters dream car with power, economy, excellent handling, and a sleek design.  Maybe all-wheel drive is an option but doubtful, that is the only weakness with so many pluses for this amazing hybrid.

The acceleration is outstanding with the battery boost and high speeds  achieved at ease.  How pleasant to rack up great mileage as the hybrid system charges itself from start and stop friction.

This is a powerful combination with both engine and battery efficiency that you can enjoy with Toyota warranty and service.  

Almost the perfect car.