2023 Toyota Crown rules the roads

About the time that you that you have driven the ultimate car a better one come along.   The best car driven so far in 2023 is the Toyota Crown PLT; a full time electronic all-wheel drive hybrid with a 2.4L turbocharged engine and six-speed versatile six-speed transmission.  The combination provides a powerful 360 horsepower with five drive modes: eco, normal, comfort, sport, and sport plus.  I spent drive time in both sports modes and eco.  My overall fuel mileage was 27.9 for driving in mountains and freeways.

There were no worries about finding charge stations with the self-charging hybrid system.  I stayed on the fuel combustion side for the test drive that was outstanding in all respects.

First, the appearance of this “Crown” model is a “wow” with “Heavy Metal” two-tone black paint.  Kind of resembles the Colorado State Patrol cars, and could perform as well, or better in speed.

The appearance is outstanding both in exterior and internal.  The interior is black, with heated and cooled leather seats.  Heated leather steering wheel… but didn’t need any heat elements with the warm weather but will be great in Colorado winter driving.  The rear seats were heated and cooled as well.

The Crown model has a panoramic glass roof, quad LED headlights, and 21”/10 spoke machined alloy wheels that add to the black two-tone paint.

The interior features a 12.3 multi-media screen with Apple Car Play and Android auto compatible features and JBL 11 speaker with subwoofer.

Safety features, the Crown had them all including the new steering assist that will drive the car by itself but warns to keep hands on the steering wheel.  I really like the road signs alerts and school speed zone warning.  The full range of the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 system that includes so many safety features, especially valuable is the pre-collision alert that will stop from striking a forward object if possible.

This car is very special with power, safety features, adaptive variable suspension, comfortable power seats, appearance, and the turbo engine experience of thrust and speed.   There is the thrill of having a four-door sedan that can handle like a sports car for the price of $52,350 with most options included.

It would make me very happy to have this car in my garage.