2023 Sequoia SUV is superior in winter weather

Texans know about building big and the Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is assembled in San Antonio, TX. This is a king-size SUV that is well-named after the famous trees.

The running board helps climb into the cabin of this powerful 437 twin-turbo driven engine to nestle into the spacious cabin and luxury captain seat. There are three drive modes to select, eco, normal, and sport. I like the sport mode best and the fine-tuned exhaust deep roar when accelerating the vehicle. A ten-speed versatile transmission adds to the powertrain and selection of 2-wheel, 4-wheel and high or low range drive.

The Sequoia arrived at a very appropriate week with frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall across the front range and mountains. A blessing for the state’s water supply and covering the thirsty Eastern Slope farmlands.

Blizzard conditions existed during a late afternoon and night closing many highways. I had the opportunity to test drive the Sequoia in blizzard conditions to rescue a friend stuck in the snow. Driving around E-470 the road signs were completely covered with extreme driven snow. Going west on the new toll road there was no westbound traffic except the Sequoia, and myself, heading to the University exit with the roadside signs covered with snow. Deep snow ruts were stalling cars with little traffic heading North on University to the SouthGlenn Mall. The Sequoia never missed a beat and just plowed through the deep snow and unplowed road.

The heavy snow had accumulated to l0”/12” inch depths, but the 18” forged alloy wheels, and rugged all-weather tires, cut through the snow like frosting on a cake. What a pleasure to sit on the heated seats, heated outdoor mirrors, and warm steering wheel while the snow was blowing and wind drifting the snow. There were numerous cars stalled along roadways and some awesome late-night traffic jams. The Arapahoe and Parker intersection was a sea of late-night red lights with cars spinning out on the sloping eastbound lanes.

Knowing the road network, we averted the traffic jam taking a detour via Bronco Parkways and averting the stranded vehicles. The stalled traffic was a reminder to have an all-wheel drive vehicle and/or some very good front-wheel drive winter snow tires.
There was a feeling of security and safety in the “Solar Octane” Bronco orange colored Sequoia as it was a match for the blizzard conditions. There is something to be said for large SUV’s and also for the nimbler small SUV models. During the stormy drive some of the Toyota Safety Sense cameras became covered with snow and the dashboard informed me of monitor failures. A very smart vehicle for the manufacturer’s suggested list price of $75,000. The price included all of the major options except a $1,395 roof- rack.

Living in the mountains, spending time camping, or enjoying winter sports, this is a quality vehicle in all respects, it never saw a blizzard that it didn’t like. I was very happy driving this vehicle in a very nasty winter storm. The Sequoia, and my wife, who I rescued, became very good friends that night.