2023 Mazda CX-50 has striking performance

I really enjoyed the Mazda CX-50 turbo AWD vehicle driven last week.   The SUV design and the 227 hp/turbo 2.5L engine, steering wheel paddle shifters, and  six-speed Skyactiv transmission made this an exciting drive.  

The Mazda CX-50 is a compact all-wheel drive that handles much like a turbo boosted sports car.  There is something to driving and handling a smaller vehicle that gets 29 mpg. on freeway fuel economy, handles high speeds, and can fit into a tight parking space.  

The CX-50 has a luxury package of options and performance included in the price of $42,300.   The “Wind Chill Pearl” paint and 20” black-alloy wheels provide a preview of spirited acceleration and road handling.  This all-wheel vehicle has a choice of sport, normal, and off-road drive modes. 

Most of my drive centered on the sport mode on open roads and normal in city traffic.  The CX-50 is loaded with safety options and cameras that offer views from every angle.  Final assembly is in Madison, AL with Japanese engine and transmission. 

The interior is black and brown with leather trimmed seats and with a leather wrapped heated steering wheel.  That warm steering wheel has been nice on chilly mornings.  The heated and cooled front and rear seats were really warm and a nice winter feature along with the heated wiper de-icers.  With the weather features, a spacious trunk space, this CX-50 is ready to head for the mountain ski areas.  The rear seat can handle three passengers with adequate leg room.

The ride is firm, with sports car features the car has a firm grip on the road and one can feel the highway imperfections.  This is not a large cushy SUV, but compact, fast,  quick sports car steering, and instant turbo acceleration.

Along with the power, the CX-50 is loaded with safety options that are included in the suggested manufacture’s retail price.  Some of the favorite safety features include rear cross-traffic warmings and lane keep assist.

A 12-speaker Bose sound system delivers entertainment on the center console 10.25” center console color screen with a center knob control system.

I made friends with the “Wind Chill” model quickly and we drive on some icy roads and high winds together with ease sound footing.  

This is a  quality SUV model that I would purchase.