2023 Mazda CX-30 is turbo perfection

I had a citizen compliment me on the Mazda CX-30 paint color. On the way to the Corner Baker at the SouthGlenn Mall a kindly gentlemen in the parking lot walked over and said,  “That is a gorgeous color.”  “What color is it?”

Surprised, I answered him that the car is a factory test model and it was just delivered today, “Let me look in the glove box for the stats on the car,” I replied.  “The color is a “Soul Red Crystal Metallic”  The gentleman was more than pleased that I took the time to answer his question, “ You made my day,” he said,  as I headed for coffee.  It is a very handsome color painted at the assembly plant in Salamanca, Mexico.  The Mazda engine is manufactured in Mexico and the transmission comes from Japan.  Mazda is a worldwide firm that makes quality vehicles.

The Mazda CX-30 is a smaller SUV model with the flashy metallic paint and a 2.5L turbo engine.  The power train has “Skyactiv” eight-speed transmission and a very peppy sport mode.

Paddle sifters located in the steering wheel and has 227 horsepower.

Mazda is a very precise auto designer and clever engineering.

The SUV has a sophisticated dashboard with many technical and safety features.  Probably the most important aspect of the vehicle is a perfect 100 percent safety rating from the National Highway Safety Administration, a  perfect five-stars in all categories.

The cabin is concise, with leather trimmed seats and steering wheel.  The  center console shift has a switch to enter sport mode  and visual warnings on speed and school zones.  A long list of safety equipment comes as standard equipment.  No additional option charges with a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $35,400.  This is a very competitive price for a SUV frame, fully loaded, and an all-wheel drive.  The vehicle rides on 18” black alloy wheels and has LED lights, front and rear.

 The interior has heated and cooled seats,  power driver’s seat with lumbar support,  vanity mirrors, a rain sensor windshield, and heated side mirrors.   A very wide assortment of safety features  assists in safe driving and aids in lane wandering.  Other safety features include air bags galore, side-impact, front passenger knee air bags, air bag curtains and advanced front dual front air bags.  

Throw in a power sliding  glass moonroof, roof rails, and a power trunk lift gate.  This Mazda has it all.   The turbo boost performance makes this a sport’s car drive in an all-wheel SUV format, loaded with safety, navigation, and center console computer apps. Warranty on the vehicle is 60 months on the power train/ or 38,000 miles.  

This is a car to drive and enjoy in all aspects, including price.