2023 Lexus LX 600 Is Ultra Luxury Model

I thought it was a mistake when the factory representative told me he was delivering a 2023 Lexus LX-600 with a $131,686 price tag. The test cars arrive every week, full of fuel, or electric EV power, with an allowance of 600 miles for the driving review.  The EVs will usually travel less than 200 miles without a refresh charge and the LX-600 has a 19-mpg average for the 3.4L/ V6- twin-turbo, 10-speed, with 409 horsepower.  I put the LX in sport mode and enjoyed the exciting drive.

The SUV model is menacing, like a secret service unit carrying the president of the United States, with impressive “Nori Green Pearl paint.”  An imposing front grill, the vehicle riding high on 22” forged alloy wheels.  Imposing LED triple beam headlights and taillights.

The exterior is impressive, power rear door with kick sensor, and roof rack to put the skis and snowboards.  The interior is magnificent with four-diamond stitched tan leather passenger seats with embossed headrests.  Second-row massaging and reclining captain’s chairs.  A right rear power recliner with sliding Ottoman; all seats heated and ventilated. As rear passengers relax there is a dual screen entertainment system. Sunlight too bright? There are rear seat manual sunshades amidst the extensive wood paneled trim.  While reclining, the smart phones can be charging with the wireless pads. Meanwhile the driver is enjoying the heated steering wheel and tuning the  Mark Levinson all-around sound system.  Too hot, or cold, there is a four-zone climate concierge and a cool box for beverages. The cabin has thematic ambient lighting soothing for passenger relaxation and comfort.

Safety is a Toyota/Lexus prime concern and they have developed a Lexus 2.5 safety system with pre-collision programing, making it almost impossible to strike a forward object,  including pedestrian detection.  Assisting to manage the twin-turbo horsepower is an all-speed radar system that adjusts with traffic flow. Blind spot monitoring adds to driving safety and  lane departure alerts add to driver skills.  Parking assist is an added feature and road sign alerts to warn the driver of changing speed limits, school zones, et.al.

The Lexus 12.3” interface touch screen controls the vehicle systems and there are  navigation and many technical programs.  At times I wished for simple dials to control station selection and sound.

But, with more time behind the wheel and reading the manual, these  systems, voice recognition, and steering wheel controls, can add to the driving experience and pleasure.   

This Lexus is a masterpiece designed by the craftsmen and engineers in Toyota/Aichi, Japan. This is real genuine auto luxury if you can afford it. After all, the Lexus motto is “Experience Amazing.”