2023 Lexus GX-460 SUV is first class

Many thanks to the car gods for bringing me a 2023 Lexus GX-460 all-wheel drive SUV during the big snowstorm last week.  No trouble moving through the wet, deep snow, and slick roads, with the all-weather goliath.

The 18” alloy wheels with deep tread snow tires loved the snow.  The 4.5L /V8 engine, with 301 horsepower and six-speed versatile transmission, made the drive even more positive and secure; never a slip or spin with this three row SUV. Fuel economy averaged 16 mpg. with the larger engine.

The “Nori Green Pearl” paint absorbed the morning sunshine and helped melt off the morning snow.  Interesting how the red and black colors absorb sunshine well in the winter and not so good in hot summer days.

This GX-460 has final assembly in Tahara, Aichi, Japan, and has a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $56,425.  The test drive model had some attractive options described as “Blackline Special Edition” that provided six-spoke glossy alloy wheels, and some other attractive features such as panoramic view monitor, black window trim, and black roof rails.

Lexis is known for the soft cushion ride, stylish designs and durability.  The luxury front seats are heated and cooled along with reclining and sliding rear seats and fold down third row seating.

The rear trunk door swing outward for easy loading and unloading.

The large rearview heated mirrors were great in the snow along with the heated seats and steering wheel.  A nine speaker Lexus premium sound system was easy to control with the central console control and a row of control choices.

Safety was supreme with the size and scope of this larger SUV with the full safety sense system.  The GX-460 has ten bags along with smart stop technology.  

Perfect for Colorado winter months, this is a premium vehicle with power, design, and loaded with the latest navigation and technology.  There is something special about having a larger SUV and the security found in a larger vehicle built for all weather conditions.

The lighted running boards added to the vehicles class and style.