2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid offers performance and economy

There are many vehicles to choose from in many price ranges.

The test car this week was a 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid all-wheel drive.  I would have to put this in the “smart car” category.  This CR-V has all the standard safety equipment and about every option that car manufacturers can install on a single vehicle.  Along with the many features, the suggested retail price is $38,600.

Honda is a world-class company making lawn mowers, motorcycles, and about anything that rolls on wheels.  This CR-V is a special hybrid model that has a 2.0 L engine with a variable transmission.  While not turbo-charged, this Honda does not need more speed nor power with the hybrid feature.  There is power and speed galore along with a 37 mpg fuel average.  Nice to pass those service stations with the price of fuel heading higher as oil prices surge.

This is such a handy, all-around vehicle; easy to drive, operate, park, peppy performance, and so many safety features.  The design is standard, not flashy, but functional.  Truck space is spacious and rear seats are comfortable.  Front seats have great heated seats and steering wheel, so nice these past cold weeks.

The all-wheel drive is perfect for Colorado weather and the CR-V offers three drive options, sport, normal and eco.  The car reacts fast and favorable to the quick push button switch to sport mode.  

To handle the hybrid weight  and stability the car rides on front McPherson suspension and rear wheel multi-link support.  The handling is precise, and the vehicle has 4-wheel disk brakes.  

Safety features indicate air bags front, center, side ,and knee.  The center console has a 9” color screen and easy dialing for choice of drive applications.   A premium 12 speaker Bose sound system conveys all of the radio channels available.

This Honda is worldly with final assembly in Alliston, Ontario, Canada with 57 percent of the parts from U.S. and Canada.  The vehicle sports a U.S.A. engine with a Japanese versatile transmission.  The combination works perfectly together.

Leather trimmed seats are comfortable, the LED lights work well ,and the auto dim feature for dimming lights is perfection.

All the features and performance of higher priced SUVs in a well-orchestrated and efficient package.  The hybrid system works well, and the fuel economy is attractive and efficient.