2023 Genesis GV60 is all-electric luxury

It finally happened, an all-electric luxury car, a Genesis GV60 arrived for the weekly test drive.  A stunning “Saville Silver” paint adorned the high-end luxury sedan with a white leather interior. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $67,890, options included. 

This would be my first major all-electric test drive in several years after testing  a Volt and Leaf months ago.  The technology keeps getting better and the driving mileage extended from battery improvements.

The GV60 is a large sedan riding on 21-inch alloy wheels with two electric 160kW motors located front, and rear, and a 77.4 battery electronically controlled suspension system.

The appearance of this GV60 is sleek with a sculptured body design,  somewhat like a Rolls/Royce in appearance.  The car is loaded with safety equipment, has not received a safety rating yet, but no doubt,  will be in the five-star perfect classification.

This is the vehicle that Tiger Woods rolled at the golf course road several years ago but was the high-powered gasoline model.  No doubt he took off with the high-powered acceleration and missed one of the first curves on the country club road.  The extensive safety features in the Genesis model  saved  his life.

The GV60 electric model has l5 listed safety features that range from blind spot camera view monitor to lane keep assistance,  a wide selection of dials for temperature control, a master computer to select all radio channels and a full range of computer information programs.  I found the radio somewhat awkward to select channels but learned how to change channels without hand dials for channel or sound.

Batteries provide instant acceleration in contrast to fossil fuel vehicles.  With this all-electric Genesis, speed was easy.  What was surprising…when easing the power pedal the car would slow dramatically,  accelerating fast and slowing rapidly, the reason of course was  hybrid technology of the batteries being recharged by the motion of the vehicles.  The stopping and starting recharges the total battery system.  The mileage left on the batteries is reflected, adding  more recharge on city driving than freeways.  In other words, stopping and accelerating charges the system.  There is considerable science in the all-electric programs and planning the length of trips.

My preference still leans towards the cross-over hybrids with  gasoline engines for several reasons; fuel is easily available while charging stations are still rare, and far apart in rural areas.

I did have to charge the  GV60 from a mountain drive and found a charging station on the third floor of the Century Casino in Central  City.   It was an easy plug in and for $10 purchased almost a full charge.   It was an easy plug in, but several hours for the recharge.

The Genesis is the luxury vehicle, totally manufactured in Ulsan, Korea and sold at  Hyundai dealerships. The powertrain warranty is impressive with a ten-year/100,000-mile warranty on the powertrain system along with three-year complimentary maintenance.

At this point in time the all-electric vehicles are best suited for the short daily commute where you charge at home nightly and no need to visit the local gas station, except for coffee.

Before heading to the mountains make sure you have located charging locations and have time to spare if they are in use. They do require a credit card. 

The GV60 has an elegant ride, sturdy suspension, and feeling of real luxury and comfort.   This electric model may be in short supply.