2022 Toyota Tundra TRD has the muscle


The “Solar Octane”  bright red Toyota Tundra TRD truck could barely fit in my driveway.  Large in length, with a twin-cab, assembled in San Antonio, Texas this was a big truck.  It took a good leg stretch to climb on board this attractive towering truck. 

Not for everyone, but for those needed to haul a boat or trailer this is a powerful choice. This Tundra has a 3.5L/ V6 twin-turbo engine and hybrid technology producing 437 hp., linked to a ten-speed versatile transmission with two/haul modes.  This truck will get you where you want to go; hunting, fishing, camping, or hauling  a work crew to a construction site.  On site, a special trailer backup guide with straight-path assistance for easy hookups for boat or trailer. 

Loaded with safety features and the special Toyota 2.5 Safety/Sense system providing multiple safety features such as pre-collision variance, pedestrian detection, radar cruise control and road sign assist. This truck can really move down the highway.

Capable of hauling  five-passengers, the truck has a sliding moon roof and power rear cabin window.  Music for the road is amplified with a subwoofer and 12 speakers from a JLB premium sound system.

The Tundra rides on 18” forged aluminum wheels with rugged mountain deep tread tires. The truck bed is reinforced for heavy loads and has råºear power outlets for 120v/400w hookups.

The contrast in driving a small sports car and a lengthy truck took some adjusting, but as the week wore on, sitting high in this towering truck, with the roar of the engine, became magnificent.

Fuel economy was surprisingly good with an overall average of 19 mpg. using the hybrid system that carries a 10 year/150,000-mile warranty on the batteries.

The truck has not been given a safety rating but has all the bells and whistles found in highly rated Toyota vehicles.  The Tundra comes fully equipped with all options included at $69,185.

It won’t be in my driveway, but it might be in yours, especially if you have a boat or trailer ready to travel to the Colorado mountains.