2022 Prius Hybrid makes economic sense


The test drive this week was a 2022  Prius “Nightshade” front wheel drive sedan manufactured in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.  The Prius is one of the earliest battery powered vehicle with a 1.0L 4-cylinder engine with “EV,” “Eco” and  “Power” modes choices. 

 The Prius has a hybrid synergy drive system where the Drive features only two choices in the shifting sequence, reverse and drive.  The transmission does the rest, adjusting to low, or higher speeds.  This is a point and shoot vehicle, best suited for commute drives, achieving a factory rated 52 mpg.  With the price of gas rising and expected to go higher as supplies tighten, this is an ideal choice for fiscal conservative drivers who want simple, inexpensive, transportation.

Toyota has gone all-out in safety features in the Prius, achieving a perfect five-star safety rating with every safety feature in the book installed in the vehicle.  Features include The Star Safety System with a multitude of cameras for safe and alert driving.

While a front-wheel drive, the Prius is well prepared for inclimate weather conditions with multiple heated features including  windshield, outside mirrors, steering wheel, and warm seats that worked very well during the recent bitter cold days.

Along with multiple safety features the Prius has all of the navigation and technical components including a center console smart phone charging station and UBS portal.  

The vehicle has a 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the hybrid system that has made Prius a dependable EV contender for a decade. The vehicle has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $29,445 with options included in the pricing.

This is a solid vehicle for drivers who want to have a safe, efficient, drive to the workplace.  Enjoy the efficiencies, safety, and economy of this test proven hybrid system that drives well and has sufficient power to maintain good highway speeds and acceptable acceleration.