2022 Acura RDX is ideal for Colorado weather


We see this 2022 RDX-SH all-wheel drive sedan traveling fast in recent TV ads and spinning around on what appears to be a runway.  This is a very fast SUV with  a 272 turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine and a ten-speed transmission with paddle shifters.

I was driving the RDX in the Boulder area last Thursday morning when the 100-mile winds commenced, and this Acura held the road perfectly. The high winds apparently knocked down a power line resulting in the largest residential fire in Colorado history.  At least 1000 homes were apparently destroyed along with commercial properties.

All of the winter vehicle features were appreciated, such as the heated seats and steering wheel in the subsequent cold weather.  The heated outside door mirrors and windshield make this an ideal mountain recreational vehicle.

The SUV design is aerodynamic and unfettered by the high winds.

The RDX rides on 20” alloy wheels with all-season tires.  The electric power steering was precise and assisted by a road departure mitigation system and lane departure warnings keeping the car within road lanes. Along with road systems, the RDX has a full list of safety systems including the forward collision braking and collision warning.   The safety systems rates the RDX with an overall five-star top score.

The computer controls adapts easily, and the sound system has 18 speakers.   There is a phone charging pad located under the instrument panel along with a full assortment of technical features.

There is a full line-up of cameras, including a rear camera washer that is a new feature in the visual department.

The RDX has final assembly in East Liberty, Ohio and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $52,945 with all of the major options included.

This is really a powerful vehicle, ideal for Colorado winters and roads. It is a very exceptional vehicle and well worth owning.