2021 Toyota Supra twin-turbo is a true muscle car


A compact bright yellow 2021 Toyota GR Supra was delivered this week that I’ve enjoyed test driving.   This is a 382-horsepower sports car featuring  an in-line six-cylinder twin/ turbo engine. 

Rear wheel drive with an eight-speed versatile transmission the car can reach 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds, 100 in 9.5.  It compares with Chevy Corvette, Porsche and BMW models both in price and performance.   

The final assembly is in Graz, Austria in an auto plant that also assembles the BMW Z4.   Japanese engineers and their  race car racing team have brought back the Supra with great care, research design and engineering.   The test vehicle featured the larger engine, but the Supra can come with a four-cylinder power plant with  slightly less performance but higher fuel economy.   The test car delivered 27.5 mpg overall average during the week.

The “Nitro-Yellow” is one of  six-color choices and I would opt to purchase a different color.  Pricing for such a spectacular sports car starts in the mid $40,500 range and the premium 3.0 test model had all of the special features with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $57,185.  The new 2022 models are now coming onto the marketplace with probable price modifications.

The car has a luxury cabin, plush with tight fitting leather seats, and a low roof line.   The JBL 12 speaker sound system provides clear XM performance and easy dial station selections.

Supra rides on 19-inch  forged aluminum 10-spoke wheels with Michelin Pilot super sports tires.   Heavy duty piston Brembo brake systems are in place front and rear, with red calipers.   This car will start fast and stop fast.  

Trunk  rear space is tight with a slender storage area behind the two front seats.  The trunk opens and shuts manually with a cabin button release.

The Supra has the Toyota Safety Sense program that includes many safety features such as pre-collision and pedestrian warnings.

One feature is the lane departure warning that pushes back if the car crosses a highway lane marking.

Driving  a car that can increase speeds in seconds, the windshield speed limit warnings are appreciated.

Overall, once adjusting to the low frame ride from all of the high riding SUVs, the car starts becoming very impressive, especially on the E-470 freeways.  The turbo engine and eight-speed transmission works perfectly with no turbo delay and very quick acceleration. The car changes gears electronically with little need for steering wheel paddle shifting.  The Supra does have a sports mode selection that gives even more acceleration, not that it is really needed.

Especially appreciated, the car purrs along like a normal car, it’s quiet,  has perfect suspension and steering,  but when the gas pedal is depressed and the turbos go to work it can snap your head into the plush headrest seat and the tuned exhaust system sounds off.

With just a slight depress of the gas pedal the car can be flying over speed limits very easily. It gives the driver a certain sense of satisfaction knowing  there is jaguar speed lurking at the touch of a toe. 

If you want a sleek high performance sports car at a moderate price, this GT Supra 3.0  might be your ticket to an exciting drive.