2021 Toyota C-HR is economical and classy


Toyota does make economy cars along with hybrids and luxury models. The C-HR is in the economy class with a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $25,240 with options included.

The C-HR is a front-wheel drive, four door sedan with elevated rear door handles that are unique. The trunk opens manually, and front seats are adjusted with a lever.

The 2.0 four-cylinder engine runs on eco with a versatile transmission shift mode. The vehicle surprisingly has adequate power and acceleration with the smaller engine. The combination of engine and transmission work well together and deliver 29 mpg. That is commendable.

Just looking at the C-HR it appears much more expensive than the list price. A sleek design with “magnetic gray” metallic paint and 18 black alloy wheels give the appearance of speed and performance.

Toyota did not slack on safety features and the C-HR has all of the Safety Sense features and the radar cruise control works exceptionally well. The car is fast, but at lower speeds acceleration strains the engine that squeals in slight protest with being pushed too hard.

Steering is exceptionally good, and a study frame and suspension system allows for a firm ride. The rearview mirrors are large and efficient. Seats are comfortable with minimal setting controls.

Smaller in size, the car is agile, easy to park and drive, and has many safety features including ventilated disk front and rear brakes.

This is an affordable economy model assembled in Japan. I like the appearance of the car, the affordability, the handling, and the major Toyota safety features, so vital in today’s crowded highways.

A good graduation present for a college bound student that is eye appealing and easy on fuel consumption.

The C-HR is very efficient and likeable.