2021 Toyota brings back superb Supra


This past week driving the new Toyota GR Supra was super-fun. What a dashing sport’s car Toyota has engineered, once again returning this popular name to the sport’s car auto world.

The new Supra is “super” in appearance and performance with a base price of $42,990.  Add the safety sense and technology packages and the price jumps to $47,615, still a bargain for this attractive and desirable two-seat coupe.

The “turbulence gray” paint graces the sloped hood and the unique doors with the side panel air scoops cleverly designed.  This is an “eye catching” car that turns pedestrian heads as they stare at this sleek design.  A fellow traveler at a gas station asked to look inside, another  took a photo, my neighbor came to ride in the car.  It is truly a “best seller” and should receive the accolades it deserves.

The appearance is eye catching, but the performance equals the styling.  Never has so much power and acceleration been developed from a  2.0L/four-cylinder engine creating 255 horsepower.  The secret is the addition of twin-turbos to the compact engine that rests snugly under the hood.

Toyota makes the best transmission in the auto industry. The Supra has  an eight-speed variable transmission with steering wheel paddle shifter.  Great for ascending and descending Floyd Hill using a lower gear rather than constant braking.  Brakes are upgraded single piston caliper disks for extra stopping power for the rear drive Supra.

The coupe rides on 18-inch cast aluminum 10-spoke wheels with Michelin pilot super sport tires.  To handle the speed, engineers used McPherson double joint multilink  strut suspension.  Steering is precise with sports calibrated electric power steering.  The Supra glides around curves with ease along with unique aerodynamic underbody panels. 

Toyota engineers made some economic cuts to hold down pricing that includes mechanical seat controls, but with very comfortable black “Alcan Tara” leather bucket seats.  A handle moves the seats back and forth and a knob adjusts height levels.  Another economic adjustment is manual opening and shutting of the minute trunk that  challenges room for golf clubs or large luggage items. The  car door level is low and easy to hit one’s head on door frame, ouch several times.  The final assembly of the Supra is in Graz, Austria.

The heated outside mirrors are well designed and the Supra has pedestrian and lane departure warnings and pre-collision safety systems.   Six-lens LED lighting auto-leveling abounds with daytime running lights, front and rear. The standard 4-speaker system can be part of the upgrade options with the additional sports package, well worth the extra pricing.

The engine purrs quietly with dual chrome tipped exhausts peering out of the powerful designed rear view saying “goodbye” to trailing traffic.

After a week driving in the “sport’s mode” I’m a believer this “super” Supra is going to probably be in short supply.

Toyota can add to their motto, “Let’s Go Places…Quickly.”