2021 Honda Accord Hybrid TRG model scores high


Honda is one of the world’s best manufacturer of gasoline engine  vehicles down to great lawnmowers.  Now the Japanese company has entered the hybrid car market beginning  in 2018.

This week I tested the 2021 Honda Accord  Hybrid TRG touring model. Powered with a 212-horsepower gasoline engine and two electric generators, and battery package.  This Accord is just like the gasoline model except for the hybrid power system that delivers 44 city, and 41 highway fuel mileage economy. 

The transmission is simple with a park, reverse and drive knob.  Gear selection can be modified by paddle shifters along with eco and sport modes. During the drive most of the time was spent with the sport mode and the 4-cylinder VTEC engine. No turbo boost  for the engine and combined hybrid battery system, but  the Accord had acceptable acceleration and performance with outstanding fuel economy.

Famous brand MacPherson strut suspension for the front wheels with rear multi-link suspension.  The Accord rides on 19” wheels and is a front wheel only drive vehicle.   

Electric power steering is quick and stable giving the car a solid road grip along with lane departure warning features.  The car maneuvers well and has an anti-lock braking system. The vehicle is loaded with front and rear airbags including knee and side curtain protection.  The many safety systems give the Accord a perfect overall safety score in all test categories that is very rare.

The top-of-the-line touring model has a ten-speaker sound system and easy radio control and navigation system along  with heated front and rear leather trimmed seats and front passenger 4-way power seats. Rear seats fold down for additional cargo space.

The radar cruise control works with “set” and “cancel” steering wheel buttons that allow easy control of speed in heavy traffic.  The speed limits and vehicle speed are displayed on the front windshield which are a benefit to the driver.

Accords are assembled in Marysville, Ohio with the engine and transmissions made in Japan.  The suggested manufacturer’s list price including all options is $37,435.

This model is well equipped with the latest safety, technical, navigation, smart phone and charger station this is  a complete package with a solid brand name with strong resale value.

Best suited for longer drives with great fuel mileage.

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