15 candidates have been certified to run for GV City Council in November

15 candidates have been certified to run for GV City Council in November


For the first time in more years than anyone we could find can remember, Greenwood Village will host competitive races for city council in every one of its four voting districts on November 2. 

City council races in GV are strictly nonpartisan and every candidate runs independently. The two individual candidates who receive the highest number of votes are elected from each district.  District residents can vote for up to two of the candidates listed on their ballot but, mathematically speaking, a ballot that contains a vote for only one candidate can be considered a “stronger” vote because it increases the number of votes for that candidate only, while not increasing the total for any of the other candidates. For that reason, a voter who wants to provide the maximum support for a particular candidate will often vote for only one candidate of the three or four listed. There is no requirement that a voter check the box next to more than one name on their ballot.

In GV district one, which is the westernmost district (and original city boundaries) includes The Preserve, Bateleur, Green Oaks, the neighborhoods south of Belleview Avenue west of University Boulevard up to Clarkson Street, and the rural area near University Boulevard, newcomer Victoria Aguilar will be on the ballot, along with incumbent Dave Bullock, seeking a fourth and final term, plus two other first-time candidates, Mathew Schulz and Paul Weisner. Two of the four individual candidates will be elected.

GV district two, which crosses I-25, and includes The Landmark Towers, Georgetown Townhomes, several other condominium and apartment developments, and the Greenwood Hills neighborhood, along with businesses on DTC Boulevard. It will see newcomer-to-politics Bob Doyle seeking to fill one of the two seats presently held by incumbents Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber, each running for a seventh term on the city council. 

In GV district three, mostly east of I-25 and south of Berry Street, the four candidates for the two city council spots will be Libby Barnacle, seeking a third term, Paul Baumann, running for the first time, Donna Johnston, hoping to be elected to a second term, and another first-time candidate, Kendall Kappler. 

GV district four, which includes the Cherry Creek High School campus and goes north as far as I-225 as well as south to Arapahoe Road via a flagpole annexation just west of Peoria Street, will also have four candidates in November. Seeking election to the two available positions are two-term incumbent Judith M. Hilton and three new candidates Jeff Leitner, Jeff Reiman, and Tom Stahl. The other two-term incumbent, Tom Dougherty, chose not to run again.