WeeCycle collecting donations to send diapers to Ukrainian families 

Local nonprofit hosting fundraiser to send containers of diapers to refugee camps 

We’ve all seen the heart-wrenching photos and heard stories describing the unimaginable reality millions of Ukrainian families are facing. The question is always, how can we help? Colorado-based nonprofit WeeCycle is answering that question for those looking to help babies and young toddlers fleeing the war in Ukraine.  

WeeCycle is raising funds to purchase shipping containers full of diapers to send to refugee camps that have been set up in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Moldova. Those interested in helping are asked to donate to the diaper fund WeeCycle has set up online at www.weecycle.org/support-ukraine  to support the effort. 

“I know so many of us feel helpless and want so badly to support these families who are living a parent’s worst nightmare,” said Morgan Seibel, executive director of WeeCycle. “I saw the photos of strollers being left at a Polish train station for arriving refugee moms and it just melted my heart, these families were “weecycling”. Diapers are such a huge need for families fleeing their homes, so WeeCycle worked to figure out a way we could tap into our connections and help these families.” 

WeeCycle is aiming to raise enough money to send at least one full container of diapers (that’s approximately 270,000 diapers), if not more. The cost of one shipping container is $36,000. The organization is partnering with their diaper distributor to purchase supplies in bulk at a discounted rate and Convoy of Hope to distribute the diapers. 100% of proceeds from donations will go toward purchasing and transporting diapers to Ukrainian refugees.

To donate online to help get diapers to babies and toddlers fleeing Ukraine, visit www.weecycle.org/support-ukraine. 

About WeeCycle

WeeCycle is a Colorado-based nonprofit working hard to improve the lives of local families in need. We collect, “weecycle” and match essential baby gear to families through partner organizations focused on alleviating poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and under-employment. By “weecycling” baby gear, we help keep children clean and safe and contribute to a healthier environment for their future. Learn more at WeeCycle.org.