Van Gogh Alive: The Experience


Van Gogh Alive the experience is in the Hanger at Stanley Marketplace July 9 – Sept. 26, 2021. Stanley Marketplace has a food court, boutique shops and various retail and is located at 2501 Dallas St., Aurora. There is more than one Van Gogh exhibit coming to Denver. The current one at Stanley Marketplace is brought to you by The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Stephen Lindsay & Brett Sirota and Andrew Kay Management in partnership with Grande Experiences. This fabulous show turns 3,000 images and paintings into a multi-sensory experience.

I recently attended and loved it! When I arrived at my reserved time, I entered a room in which I read and learned about Van Gogh and the different periods of his life. There was a bedroom scene that allowed the visitor to sit in a chair for a photo opportunity. I then stepped into an immersive room with large screens and music showing the pieces I had just learned about in the introductory room. 

I was in awe of the colors and sounds that were on all sides of me in the main exhibit hall. I found a place to observe and then just let myself soak in the visual and auditory pleasure of it. Not only was the art on large screens on the wall, but also the floor. Several young girls danced on the floor display, which I found amusing to watch as well. I spent approximately an hour watching the presentation before exiting. 

Lisa J. Shultz in Van Gogh’s bedroom scene

I found myself thinking how education and entertainment could merge with other artists to bring art to life. For those who might not take the time to visit a museum, these exhibits have the potential to expose many people to great artists and cultivate art and music appreciation for children and adults alike. 

After I finished viewing the main room, I enjoyed the sunflower room with mirrors that provided a fun photo opportunity. There was also a gift shop before exiting. After the exhibit, I enjoyed walking around Stanley Marketplace and eating dinner. For more information and tickets to this presentation, visit and stanleymarket 

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit will be housed at Lighthouse Denver at 3900 Elati Street, located in the former Regency Hotel, just west of the River North Art District (adjacent to I-25). This exhibit opens September 30 through February 6, 2022. Tickets and information can be found at 

There are six competing Van Gogh exhibits traveling the world right now, so if you are a bit confused, you are not alone. At this time, just two are coming to Denver. 

  • Van Gogh Alive the experience: July 9-September 26, 2021
  • Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit: September 30 through February 6, 2022

Grab your tickets and a friend and enjoy engaging in the Denver art and culture scene!  

Lisa J. Shultz is a book reviewer and an art and culture columnist for The Villager since 2020. Lisa is a Denver native, and she loves to inspire exploration of the city’s treasures in her book Essential Denver. Find out more about her and her book at or call her at 303-881-9338.