U. S. Rep. Lauren Boebert wows local G.O.P.


Danielle Jurinsky, Republican candidate for Aurora City Council at-large, told Rep. Boebert that she was a fellow restaurant and bar owner.

Colorado Congressional District 3 U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert from the western slope, who described herself as a “mom of four, restaurant owner and high school dropout,” drew a full house of 150 for the September 1 meeting of the Arapahoe County Republican Breakfast Club at Maggiano’s DTC. Many of the people who came gathered around the fiery, striking, petite congresswoman to meet her and shake her hand. 

Former Arapahoe County Republican Party chair Rich Sokol, who arranged to bring Boebert in to speak, introduced her as being “in the forefront of those Republicans who are fighting back against our descent into liberal hell.” He described her as fulfilling the “political trinity,” by “being a small business owner, carrying a gun, and scaring the hell out of the Democrats.”

Boebert opened with, “This is actually my home town. I’m from Aurora, Colorado… What a wonderful place to grow up and be raised.”  She noted that she was surprised to see so many men there because it was the first day of hunting season. 

Robyn Carnes, candidate for Centennial city council district one, visited with current Councilman Don Sheehan.

Moving on to current events, Boebert said, “Every day I wake up…and I think, surely, the Democrats can’t get worse. Surely, Biden cannot be a lower form of commander-in-chief.” She talked about receiving a call from Kathy McCollum, an anguished mother who talked about “how Joe Biden had killed her son.”  (Rylee McCollum was killed in Afghanistan on August 27.) On the way the withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled, Boebert said, “There needs to be firings, there needs to be resignations, there needs to be impeachments over this…This president and his administration is absolutely lying to the American people.  (U.S. Rep. from Oklahoma) Markwayne Mullin is actively working against our State Department to bring Americans home…Everyone has said our State Department has been the number one hindrance in getting Americans home. How gross.” She said that the United States has “fully equipped The Taliban,” pointing to them having our night-vision goggles and “even our service dogs.”

Neal Davidson, pictured with wife Fran Davidson, announced that he is a brand-new candidate for Centennial City Council district four. Photos by Freda Miklin

She continued, “In my office, I have legislation that’s been sent to counsel to impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and publicly I have called on (House Minority) Leader McCarthy to introduce a resolution to vacate the chair so we get Nancy Pelosi the heck out of there.” She criticized Pelosi for the actions taken to secure the Capitol after the January 6 insurrection, pointing to, “the walls that went up, the razor wire that surrounded those walls…26,000 National Guard brought in to make Nancy feel a little safe, to keep you out, to violate your First Amendment right to petition your government with your grievances…Even now, if you want to go (to your congressional representative’s office) you have to put your name on a list and give the reason why you want to talk with your representative. What the heck is this? This is not the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Nancy Pelosi is sure running it like it is.” 

Former 18th Judicial District Attorney and current Denver Post columnist George Brauchler greeted old friend Becky Hogan, candidate for Aurora City Council at-large.

Boebert referred to herself as “a comfortable Republican’s worst nightmare,” noting, “It doesn’t take a lot of money to take out a five-term incumbent. It just takes a whole lot of passion…” She said the Congress should be back in session, adding, “Everything this Democrat Party has done while they’ve been in power has only advanced the destruction of our nation… Any of their policies that have been implemented or the Trump administration policies that were done away with have only hurt America…I think the only reason that it took so long for them to even start this budget reconciliation process…is that they couldn’t figure out what came after a trillion—well, maybe we have to cut it off here, we don’t know that word.”

The congresswoman said that she’s been “to the southern border three times…and when we have the southern border wide open, that shows how little they really care about this virus.” She continued, “Do you know why I don’t care about mask mandates? Because the people who mandate them don’t care about mask mandates. Every single person who has gone on TV and got in your face about wearing a mask has immediately violated their own mandates that they put forward.” 

After poking fun at the Colorado Office of New Americans, created in April within the state Department of Labor and Employment “to work collaboratively to promote the successful economic, social, linguistic and cultural integration of immigrants,” Boebert posed the question, “Has Governor Polis stepped in and beefed-up business benefits for small business owners?” She continued, “What about our children who are bound in schools, who are muzzled, who are masked, who are suffering severe learning deficiencies because of these policies?”

Boebert closed her talk by encouraging other like-minded Republicans to run for office. In the crowd were Mayor Stephanie Pico (running for re-election unopposed) and City Councilmember Don Sheehan from Centennial, Arapahoe County Commissioner Jeff Baker, Aurora City Councilmember Marsha Berzins and CU Regent Heidi Ganahl. Also on hand were Cherry Creek School Board District D Director Kelly Bates and her opponent in her bid for re-election, Schumé Navarro. Jono Scott, candidate for Aurora City Council district three, was also there, along with Arapahoe County Republican Party Chair Suzanne Staiert.