Three female GOP members are seeking local elective office in 2022


Former Aurora City Council Member Marsha Berzins is a 2022 candidate for Arapahoe County Treasurer.

Marsha Berzins for Arapahoe County Treasurer 

Marsha Berzins, who just completed 13 years of service on the Aurora City Council, has announced that she is a 2022 candidate for Arapahoe County Treasurer. Current Treasurer, Sue Sandstrom, CPA, is term-limited.

Berzins described herself as “a common-sense public servant who’s always been committed to working for others in our community” and “small business owner and proven leader with a voice who speaks for all citizens, regardless of their country of origin, language or religion.” 

The county treasurer is responsible for collecting and investing county property tax revenues, then disbursing monies to other local governments and public entities including school districts. The county treasurer also provides original and delinquent property tax statements to all property owners in Arapahoe County.

Berzins has been endorsed for election by State Rep. Rod Bockenfeld, Aurora Mayor Pro Tem Françoise Bergan, Aurora City Council Member Danielle Jurinsky, and former Aurora City Council Member Dave Gruber. Her website is 

Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas is a 2022 candidate for Douglas County Sheriff.

Lora Thomas for Douglas County Sheriff

On December 10, recently re-elected Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas announced that she is a 2022 candidate for Douglas County Sheriff. Current Sheriff Tony Spurlock is also term-limited. 

Prior to serving as a Douglas County Commissioner, Thomas spent 26 years as an officer with the Colorado State Patrol, rising to the rank of Major. After working for Governor Bill Owens as head of Homeland Security, she retired from the state patrol. Thomas was then elected Douglas County Coroner, where she reduced the budget by one-third, even though cases were up by 45%. 

In a radio interview, Thomas said, “I have always wanted to be the sheriff of Douglas County since 2005 and I’m going to do it this time.” Talking about her law enforcement career, Thomas noted that when she became a state trooper, she was one of only eight women in that job. She pledged to take a hard look at the $85 million budget of the sheriff’s office, describing herself as “a proven leader” with “trusted experience” who “has been elected three times by the citizens of Douglas County.” 

Commissioner Thomas holds an associate degree in criminal justice and B.S. in  business with a finance emphasis along with an MBA from Regis University. She has also been an adjunct professor in the criminal justice program at Arapahoe Community College. Thomas’ website is

Former Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Kluth is a 2022 candidate for Douglas County Sheriff.

Holly Kluth for Douglas County Sheriff

Former Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Kluth, who first announced her intention to run for sheriff last February, describes her vision of the sheriff’s office as, “Officers and staff working in partnership with the community to create a place where citizens are safe, protected and free.”  

In a recent radio interview, she said, “Law enforcement, public safety in Douglas County has been my passion for 32 years. My husband and I raised our kids here. This has been my community…I have worked for four sheriffs. They have all given me the opportunity to create programs that keep people safe and Douglas County is one of the safest counties in the entire Front Range, regardless of the increase in crime that we are dealing with just like everyone else.” She continued, “I’m proud of the opportunities I’ve had to create programs like the DNA Lab, Computer Forensic Lab, internet crimes against children programs to keep them safe.” Kluth continued, “People’s biggest concerns are crime, homelessness and mental health issues,” which Kluth believes all stem from “the illegal drugs coming into this country.” She believes that drug crimes should carry stiff penalties and strong requirements that those who are addicted seek rehabilitation. She noted that she has been a leader in the local Republican Party and that people wanted to “keep their guns and their other Constitutional rights.”

Encouraged to share her thoughts on the 2020 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act during the radio interview, Kluth said that she thought “some of it is probably a good thing. Body cameras have shown us how good our officers are, and, when we have a bad officer, it’s easy to tell.” She felt that other parts of that law “are derogatory to the police.” Kluth’s website is 

The primary will be on June 28, 2022, leading to the November 8 general election.