Teenager is dead after exchange of gunshots in Aurora with former GV police officer


A report filed by the public information officer for the City of Aurora Police Department (APD) on November 25 and not updated as of press time said that an altercation over alleged careless driving led to an exchange of gunfire between an adult subsequently identified as Adam Holen, 36, who was a Greenwood Village police officer for five years until he resigned on November 1, and a 17-year-old male that resulted in the death of the teenager and left Holen with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The Arapahoe County Coroner identified the deceased as Peyton Tyler Blitstein, dob 7/2/2004, and said the manner of death was homicide.

According to APD, on November 24 at approximately 10:30 p.m. they responded to the 4900 block of South Addison Way on reports of gunshots fired. Interviews conducted by investigators have led them to believe that the incident started after an argument between the former police officer and a group of teenagers “after alleged careless driving through the neighborhood.” The argument escalated into one of the teens and the adult both producing guns, then firing shots at one another. Aurora’s Major Crimes Homicide Unit is still investigating what happened to determine the circumstances that led to the shooting and “who the primary aggressor” was. As of this writing, no arrests have been announced.

On November 26, the Denver Gazette published a six-minute video recording from the Ring.com doorbell at the home of Amber Roseborough, who is quoted as saying, “My daughter came in the door and said, ‘Mom, this guy is yelling at me for speeding and calling me sweetheart.” According to Roseborough, there were five teens in the car, including her daughter, and three ran into her house, while two others stayed outside and argued with the adult who had boxed in her daughter’s car on the street. The video from the door camera shows arguing, followed by the firing of at least nine gunshots in the street directly in front of the door, plus the four minutes that followed. It shows the adult saying, “Call an ambulance,” after the shooting stopped, moving his car out of the street, then returning to the scene two minutes later and attempting to render medical aid to the teen, who was subsequently pronounced deceased at the hospital.