Has anyone seen the latest Tik Tok trend where you list all of your top three favorite things in each category? Each user has taken their own spin and decided on their own classes, so I thought I’d give it a go!

The first category is workouts. Coming in #3 is SoulCycle. The closest one to my house is the location in Cherry Creek. My favorite teacher is V- she always plays the best music. #2 is the Summits 60 at Sumits Yoga. Nothing better than a good sweat. Rounding out the first category is Barry’s Bootcamp. The only location in Colorado is in Cherry Creek, and the parking isn’t ideal, but the workout makes up for it! It’s a circuit class. In 50 minutes, you run, do abs, use weights, and get an entire body and cardio workout. I am not a natural runner, but this class has been so helpful in boosting my cardio.

Next is online shopping. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge in this area due to my shopping addiction. To start off, #3 is Zara. This website is so hard to navigate, but the clothes are so cute once you get the hang of it! The second is Princess Polly. They always have a sale, and they ship in four days or less. It’s so consistent! My favorite online store is Revolve. While things are definitely on the more expensive side, it’s worth it. You can find anything from a prom dress to a workout set all in one place.

Everyone has their favorite apps, so here are mine! #3 is obvious, but I love Instagram. Say what you want about social media- but I find it fun to share my whereabouts with my friends. My second favorite app right now is Dispo. This is my favorite picture-taking app. You snap your flick and let it “develop,” It comes out the following day looking like a picture straight from a film camera. My top app is trending right now- it’s new! BeReal is such a fun way to share with your friends. It sends you a notification saying you have two minutes to snap what you’re doing and post it to your feed every day.

The best part about this new trend is that it never has to end! I could list TV shows, beauty products, and anything else all day, and I have a feeling this won’t be the last article about my top three’s.