High school graduation is in less than 50 days. On May 25, 2022, I will no longer be a Cherry Creek High School student. A place I have grown to love over the past four years. Fifty days is going to go faster than I can imagine. There are about 720 days in the typical high school experience on average. As I make my way into the real world, I wonder- is there anything left to do before I exit this place?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my high school experience, as I’m sure many other seniors do. I have been extremely fortunate to have had a fantastic time throughout high school. Creek has provided me with endless opportunities, friends, and good times. But, the more that my ‘senioritis’ kicks in, the easier it is to go through the motions of school every day. If I weren’t so excited for my upcoming years in Tucson, I would be even sadder to leave. Senior year is arguably the most transitional time in my (every senior’s) life. We are between adulthood and childhood, so close to living on our own yet so far. As my friend group prepares to spread across the country, what is there to do now? It’s so exciting to prepare for college. I have loved meeting new people on social media, thinking about my dorm designs, and shopping for Arizona clothes!

But, how do I make sure this doesn’t take away from my time left in Greenwood Village? As basic as it sounds, I want to enjoy every moment. Throughout my last days as a high school student, my number one priority is to make sure nothing gets away from me! Right now is the last time I will feel comfortable where I am. College is such a foreign concept for kids my age it’s scary!

I recognize that. I’ve decided to take the uncertainty and embrace it! In 50 days, I have a family vacation, senior week, prom, and more.

This time doesn’t need to be as somber as it seems. The most important thing to do when there’s change is to acknowledge it, embrace it, and move on.

I am forever grateful for my time at Creek, and now as the eldest in the school, I want to spread good vibes in the school as I depart.