Paul Archer hopes to capture open seat in HD37


Paul Archer, president of Automated Business Products, is the GOP candidate for state House District 37. He will face Democrat Ruby Dickson, an Oxford-trained economist, in the November 8 election. After last year’s redistricting, HD37 includes Greenwood Village, western Centennial, and Foxfield. It is an open seat because the previous occupant, Tom Sullivan (D), is running for state Senate District 27. After the 2021 redistricting, 45% of HD37’s 60,269 active voters are unaffiliated and 44% are split evenly between the Democrats and the Republicans.

On June 23, NextGen’s Charlie McNeil and Judy McNeil, together with 2018 gubernatorial candidate Doug Robinson and Diane Robinson, hosted a fundraiser for Archer in the McNeils’ Cherry Hills Village home. Among the over 50 people attending were Steve Monahan (R), who is challenging U.S. Rep. Jason Crow (D) in CD6, and Mark Gotto (R), hoping to be the next Arapahoe County Commissioner for District Two, a seat currently held by Nancy Sharpe, who is term-limited. Also in the enthusiastic crowd was local favorite Deborah Flora, who came this-close to challenging for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate this year. Keeping everyone on track at the event was Greenwood Village personal trainer Carol Gibbs.

In his address to the crowd, Archer quoted a newspaper article as saying that the cost of housing has gone up 54% in one year. Archer shared that it recently cost him $100 to fill up his Toyota Sequoia, adding that, “This 8.6% inflation thing is grossly understated.”

Archer told his supporters that, “Every single day, on Next Door (social media site), someone is reporting a crime.” He also said that Colorado is number one in the country for auto theft and second for property theft. Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau lists only two metropolitan statistical areas in California as having higher car theft rates than the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan statistical area and the FBI ranks Colorado as trailing only Louisiana and New Mexico in property crime. By any measure, our state ranks in the top three nationally for per capita theft.

On education, Archer said, “Our public schools are failing too many kids today; 60% of Colorado kids today cannot read at grade level and 70% cannot do math at grade level.” Archer concluded, “We’ve seen a teacher’s union that doesn’t care about kids.”

The candidate told his supporters that he is running because, “Every one of those things are happening because of the administration that’s been in power,” adding that, “Everything that’s happening is because the legislature went soft on crime and then they made it hard for police officers…They took away the prestige of being a police officer and we’ve lost tons of really good police officers in Colorado.” 

On energy, Archer said, “We went from energy independent to energy dependence in 18 months.”

He promised, “We can do something about that and we can do something about education. We can get more money into the classroom. We can get more transparency to parents…We can even get school choice. That would be awesome.” 

Focusing on his values, Archer said, “What matters to me a lot is the America that our kids are growing up into, the America where too many kids are being taught that this is a bad place, that this is an evil place, that this place is full of hate, and so on… I think that the legislature can make a difference in respecting the greatness of the country.”