Patriot Steffan Tubbs shares passion with Cherry Creek Republican Women

Proud American Steffan Tubbs whose radio talk show airs on 710 KNUS, where he tackles the hard questions, was introduced to Cherry Creek Republican Women (CCRW) by Mary Wenke, as only Mary Wenke can – with accolades and humor.

Tubbs is an author of two books and a great supporter of the military and veterans. He has produced compelling documentaries including the latest with Mountain Time Media partner Jim Fasone titled “Denver in Decay.”

He calls 2020 “The Summer of Hell” especially in Downtown Denver.

“You need to wake up! I would say this even to the Democrats.”

The 50 minute film took 60 days from the idea to the premier. He described the experience as passionate and emotional, showing reality. Describing the boarding up of Denver, he said: “When did we get to plywood?” The underlying theme is that this appalling destruction is coming to a city or suburb near you. Scary.

Photos by Scottie Taylor Iverson