Mark Samuelson, the longtime face of The Denver Post’s Real Estate pages, leaves the paper over contract issues


Mark Samuelson, for years the face on the cover of The Denver Post’s weekend Real Estate section, left the paper last week over issues relating to his service arrangement.

For decades Denver Post readers had seen Samuelson’s features about builders, agents, and resale homes on Saturday and Sunday editions, where Real Estate was stacked behind of The Post’s Business section. Samuelson, always a contractor to the paper, announced his departure recently.

Samuelson neglected to provide specifics about his resignation; but noted that he had declined to accept a cut in compensation last year that management had reportedly asked of all of the paper’s outside contractors. He added that he departed on good terms with managers at the daily.

In 2010 the New York-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital acquired The Denver Post’s parent company, MediaNews Group.

The Post’s Real Estate section is managed by paper’s advertising department; and Samuelson’s covers were typically sponsored content billed by The Post to its advertisers. 

Samuelson’s stories often featured new home communities around Denver and the Rocky Mountain West; written in a style that eschewed advertising hyperbole, and showcased offerings that readers could tour that day, including specific homes and prices. Samuelson also wrote about the Colorado market as it shifted in the face of broader winds emanating from national demographic swings and from the pandemic.

“Through the years we’ve learned more about the pragmatic side of real estate from Mark Samuelson’s columns than from any other columnist or source,” said Robert August, president of housing and development marketer North Star Synergies, market strategist for many of the Rocky Mountain region’s most prominent builders and developers, in commenting on Samuelson’s departure from the paper. 

Samuelson’s final “On the Home Front” cover appeared in last Sunday’s Real Estate, about a former U.S. Navy flyer, later a space project manager at NASA, who was selling his view-swept ranch in Roxborough Park. Stories over the past year had documented the unexpected boom in real estate activity that followed on the heels of the pandemic, as urban buyers sought added privacy and lower density. Others had featured a growing interest in renewable energy technology, and resort properties across the mountain west that were luring buyers from cities during the pandemic. 

Mark Samuelson, president of Greenwood Village-based Samuelson & Associates, Inc., was a writer on energy technologies for the Solar Energy Research Institute (now the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) before starting his company.  His features first appeared in The Rocky Mountain News before moving back and forth between the two dailies as they battled over market share. Over following years his stories documented Colorado’s boom-and-bust cycles, the DIA project, the redevelopment of downtown, the emergence of home energy technologies, the arrival of the 55-and-older housing boom, and new-urban housing designed around the tastes of Gen Y and Gen Z homebuyers.