Littleton ballet school ranked 21st in nation

The International Ballet School in Littleton made waves by being ranked #21 of ballet schools in the USA by a study conducted by Northeastern University 

The study is titled “Quantifying Hierarchy and Prestige in US Ballet Academies as Social Predictors of Career Success”

Researchers at Northeastern University have delved into the intricate world of ballet, unraveling the dynamics that link social prestige in ballet schools  to future career success. In a groundbreaking study, researchers analyzed two decades of data from the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) to uncover the relationship between a ballet school’s social standing and the trajectory of its students’ careers.

The study revealed a compelling correlation: the odds of securing a coveted contract increase by 65% for students graduating from the top 5% of ballet schools. The findings suggest that the social prestige of a ballet school plays a pivotal role in shaping the future paths of aspiring dancers.

As ballet continues to be a discipline where talent, training, and opportunity intersect, this study sheds light on the social dynamics within ballet schools. The Northeastern University research provides valuable insights for both aspiring dancers and the schools that mold their careers, opening avenues for further exploration into the intricate interplay of hierarchy and success in the world of ballet

The International Ballet School has been in existence in Colorado for over 25 Years under the direction of Mark Carlson and Sandra Kerr producing students that have been awarded professional contracts at over 30 ballet companies in the USA and Europe.

The couple have been awarded Outstanding Teacher 14 times and Outstanding School 8 times by the Youth America Grand Prix Ballett competition.

Students have participated 4 times at the Prix de Lausanne ballet competition, twice at the USAIBC (known as the Olympics of Ballet) and also the Beijing International Ballet Competition.

The school is located in Littleton at 250 East Dry Creek Road, Suite 203.