LIquor licenses approved for two new restaurants in the King Soopers center at Belleview and Yosemite


At its regular meeting on June 5, the Greenwood Village City Council unanimously approved the issuance of liquor licenses for Oliver’s, an Italian eatery under construction at 4950 S. Yosemite Street, Suite F3, and Morning Story, a breakfast/lunch restaurant now open at 4930 S. Yosemite Street Suite D1C. 

Morning Story Restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. Photos by Freda Miklin

Although they are separate companies, the two sole corporate officers of the entity that owns Morning Story, James P. Gregory and Jessen Gregory Perko, are two of the four corporate officers of the entity that owns Oliver’s.

At the hearing, GV went through its standard procedures of ensuring that all necessary research has been completed and documented, and all legal requirements have been met for the issuance of the two liquor licenses. 

The city council took testimony from James Gregory, an owner of both businesses, who is also a practicing attorney.  Mr. Gregory explained that liquor sales would constitute less than 10 percent of Morning Story’s business, but he believed the liquor license was important so as “to have the availability for those people who want alcohol (because) the demand from the community is there and all of our competitors in the area offer it.” 

He also confirmed that he is an owner of three other similar establishments that have liquor licenses and none of them have had any legal issues with the jurisdictions in which they are located because he takes great care to make sure staff members who serve alcohol get proper training to do so.

Mr. Sean Huggard, one of the owners of Oliver’s also testified to the council. Mr. Huggard told the council he currently manages two other restaurants, one in Denver and one in Lone Tree, that serve liquor, and he has been in this business for 20 years. Oliver’s, he explained, “will be an upscale Italian restaurant, somewhat family friendly, but with a little bit of a higher price point,” and will include, among its features, “a Roman-style pizza that is not done anywhere else in Colorado, a really great chicken parmesan, and a raw bar.”

Council Member Judith Hilton reminded both Mr. Gregory and Mr. Huggard to make sure they don’t sell alcohol to any students from nearby Cherry Creek High School who might attempt to purchase it.

Attorney Loren Brown appeared with both Mr. Huggard and Mr. Gregory as their representative. Asked by Mr. Brown why he thinks Oliver’s needs a liquor license, Mr. Huggard answered, smiling, “I think red wine and spaghetti go together.” In response to a question from the city council, he confirmed that all patrons aged 50 and under are required to provide identification to order alcohol.

Oliver’s Italian is expected to open in early October.