We support Barnes & Noble resurrecting Tattered Cover

The AuthorU.org community and the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame fully supports Barnes & Noble resurrecting Tattered Cover.  With James Daunt taking the reins of CEO in 2019, one of his missions was to create and transform BN into a bookseller that supports the community and local authors. In Colorado’s Front Range, it has enthusiastically aided the bookselling efforts of many local authors.

With the support of BN and its BookFairs, BN was instrumental in supporting the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame—50 Colorado-connected authors have been inducted. Joyce Meskis was honored at the first Induction for her vision and contribution to and for authors. Tattered Cover was asked to be part of it and turned its nose up–saying it wouldn’t come unless the Hall paid for them to participate. The Hall declined and had the event with a sold-out crowd. BN was there.

At the 2023 Induction, BN was honored with the Best Bookseller Supporting Authors. The Hall also delivers the Aspiring Author Scholarships to five recipients every other year–scholarships valued at $15,000 each—one carries the BN name and is financially supported by BN throughout the year with donations that BN contributes from the BookFairs in many of its bookstores. Five more will be named this September.

Speaking for both AuthorU.org and the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame, Barnes & Noble could restore the honor and respect that Tattered Cover once had and was lost from the mismanagement that occurred after Joyce Meskis sold and retired.

Judith Briles
President and CEO of AuthorU.org and Colorado Authors Hall of Fame